REVIEW: Shutt Velo Rapide Isobel Female Jersey

by Jennifer Trotman

Price £79.00
Size Medium
Colour Purple/ Polka Dot
It's really nice to have women specific performance kit that fits well, feels good on, does the job above and beyond and is stylish without yelling "girl" at you!

All that said, and most importantly however, it feels really nice to wear. I wasn't aware "Italian lycra" was a special thing, but apparently it is, and it's lovely and soft on the skin.  The sleeves are a good length, fitted but not tight, so you can get arm warmers on under them. Be careful not to stretch them too much though, as I got the feeling that might pull the stitches, but that's ok. The white trim on the sleeves goes well with a tan too! 

The full length zip can be a bit tricky to get started from the bottom as it's beneath a little protective fabric corner that hides it, but once done it works fine and goes up and down smoothly. Oh and it tucks into a matching corner tab at the top too. 

Rear view

It fits pretty well; but having curves, the front doesn't always sit flat and there's sometimes a bit of a gathering effect as the jersey stretches to cover them. While the longer back pulls down happily, the less stretchy front zip doesn't cope as well.  

The collar isn't quite as fitted as I'd like so it doesn't stand up straight when the zip is fully done up, but those spots do mean it looks lovely when the zip is undone some. Also, trying to have the polka dot horizontal panel where it should be pulls the collar down a bit too. However, I'm sure this would probably work better on the less well-endowed, and none of it is anything you'd notice whilst out on the bike either.   

What else can I say? Having worn it for RideLondon, it didn't dissolve - which is an achievement in itself! And so far it's washing (30c machine wash) and wearing well. Thanks to the fit, the length and how nice it feels on, I've already worn it again twice, which is pretty telling, and it's rapidly becoming a favourite. 


As for the socks, well they don't actually match exactly, but are close enough. Sock length seems to be a matter of personal taste; I tend to prefer my summer ones short to minimise tan lines, so these - at 9cm high - are longer than my usual. They are however, very comfortable with a good fit and no seams to rub anywhere. The cuff is double elastic so they stay up well, and they have a "high-density elastic mid-foot support band and a diaphanous web on the top of the foot". 

I'm not quite sure what those mean, but I'm presuming that's why they're so comfortable! They're also very breathable, which along with the special Meryl Skinlife™ fibres they're made out of, will keep your feet and shoes nice and fresh. And you thought they were just a pair of socks!  

... and socks!

At £79 for the jersey, and £12.50 for the socks, it's not cheap kit but then neither is it up at Rapha level; it's somewhere in the middle and don't let's forget that you get what you pay for. It's really nice to have women specific performance kit that fits well, feels good on, does the job above and beyond and is stylish without yelling "girl" at you! There don't seem to be matching shorts available at the moment, but if and when there are I'll be seriously tempted to get some and go the whole matching hog!

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