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Deloitte Ride Across Britain Packages And Early Bird Entry

by Henry Peacock

The 2013 edition of Deloitte Ride Across Britain is being expanded to cater for time constraints, so those with only four or five days spare can still experience the breathtaking beauty and unique camaraderie of the UK's largest and 'end to end' ride from 8th-16th June 2013.

Can't Spare A Full 9 Days? Not A Problem.

Nick Tuppen, Head of Threshold Events, the company behind RAB explains: "We are proud of the extreme lengths we go to with our support. On DeloitteRAB there is no lugging heavy kit, no need for complex route planning and no worry of where you will sleep each night. Our crew of over 160 ensures that when your bike, body or stomach begin to grumble we are there with exactly what you need when you need it."

Unlike most end-to-end rides, Deloitte Ride Across Britain doesn't choose the shortest route from A to B. Riders do a few extra miles each day, but this allows Threshold to find the best riding in the UK. From the majesty of the Scottish highlands to the rolling hills and valleys of the Peak District down to the rugged coastline of Cornwall, no other event manages to string so much exceptional cycling together along so many unknown and hidden back roads. 
This year there are 4 Deloitte RAB packages to choose from. Whether you are up for the full 960 miles or only have a few days to spare, Threshold has a package to fit with your plans:

Ride Support

The Full Course Package will cover 960 miles over 9 days and will cost £1,750. Take on the classic 'end to end' experience riding the full length of the UK from North to South. This format is staying the same as before and is expected to sell out quicker than ever in 2013 so riders need to make sure they get their name down early to avoid disappointment.

The Scotland Package will cover 420 miles over 4 days and cost £950. Riders follow epic roads from the deserted coastline in the shadow of the Orkneys, to the mighty Highlands and Glen Coe before descending to the lowlands and on to the border with England. The route goes from John O'Groats to Carlisle and for those who have never ridden in this area, it is a unique chance to see the far Northern reaches of the UK with full support right behind them. 

The England Package covers 540 miles in 4 days at a cost of £1,150. Starting a stone's throw the Scottish border at Carlisle, riders will embark on a 5-day tour of England's best cycling. This package has it all from the legendary leg busting climb of Shap in the Lake District through to the historic heartland of the Midlands down to the testing ups and downs of the Westcountry to Land's End. 

Share The Experience With The Team Relay

Team Relay is for those who can't spare the full 9 days but want to set a team time for the 'end to end', riders can also sign up for the Team Relay. Teams split into 3 groups of 3 riders. Each group completes 3 consecutive days of the ride before handing over to the next group. A daily time is taken when the first two riders from the team cross the line at the end of each stage and this is stacked up to set an overall time for the classic route.

The 2013 ride will open for entries on Wednesday 19th September 2012, two days after the end of this year's ride. However, if riders register interest in advance they will be e-mailed a link to enter 2 hours before the main site opens and will have first crack at the early bird offer of £150 off the full course entry fee. They will also get updated with all the latest news from Deloitte RAB 2012 as it happens and so they can see just what is in store for them in 2013.

For more information visit the website here:

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