Submit Your 2013 Event Details to Cyclosport

by Adam Tranter

Submitting Your Event for 2013 - Important Information


We are currently populating our 2013 Calendar with details of sportives. If your 2013 event details or date is now available, please ensure we have the details! Read below.

You will have received information about submitting your event to us for the 2013 Events Calendar. We've had lots of submissions already, but if your event dates are available, please make sure they have been submitted to us ASAP. We urge you to submit your event details as soon as you have them in order to have as much promotion time as possible.

Please follow the instructions below to submit your event for 2013:

- Log in to your account on (the account you usually use to manage your events). If you can't remember you login details, go here.

- Click 'My Events' on the top bar. Select the event you wish to submit for 2013 and click 'Duplicate' OR if it's a brand new event, click 'Add Event' on the top right hand side of the page.

- Enter to the 2013 date and click 'Duplicate Event'- Amend the 2012 details as necessary, once complete ensure 'Submit to admin for approval' is checked. If you uncheck it, your event will be saved as a draft for updating later.

- Cyclosport will then approve your event for inclusion to the 2013 calendar as normal. 

Submitting a brand new event for 2013:

Remember, if you're submitting a new event, fill out this form in full including the 2013 date and submit to us for approval. Make sure you're logged in first.

You can edit your event details at any time by logging in to and amending the details in your Control Panel.

If you have any issues accessing your account to submit your details for 2013, please contact

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