Knog 20 Tool

by Henry Peacock

Price £32.99
Colour Green
Hefty, reliable, cool and Australian although not sure it's suited to proper 'roadies'.

Knog are from Australia, they make a huge range of lights, locks and accessories for bicycle use. You notice them because of the huge range of colours that their lights come in, gone are the drab boring hard plastic lights of old and in come the soft rubbery LED lights and accessories.

A Solid Chunk Of Metal

This '20 Tool' multi tool is clever in its design and has about a million different uses, well, 20 actually. I'll never go for a ride without a multi-tool, purely because I constantly fear the mechanical failure from hell will come one day and I'll be stranded and be forced to walk along a main road in my new road shoes, it's the type of thing to give me nightmares.

The '20 Tool' is 5cm square when folded up and made from chrome vanadium with a forged aluminium hard cover, so it shouldn't rust through usage, which is good. It's pretty hefty at 178g but the weight penalty is almost worth the number of uses. I'll reel off the list of tools available:

Screwdriver Philips-head and flat head
Hex (allen) keys 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm
Torx driver T25
Hex bolt wrench 8, 10, 13 and 15mm
Spoke wrenches 1 x 3.23 nipples, 1 x 3.30 nipples, 1 x 3.45 nipples, 1 x 3.96 nipples
Chain breaker
Bottle opener
Magnetised to make extraction and relocation of screws easier.
Anodised finish

hex keys
Every Tool For Every Job

It's great to have a wide range of hex keys, the must have for any rider on a newer bicycle; they are the go-to fastener. Their length is a bit on the short side so hard to reach places will become a bit of a pain.

The spanners are all but redundant on a modern road bicycle, however if you ride fixed which many people do on their commuting bicycles, style or not you'll still need a spanner if you need to replace an inner tube. The folding tool may not quite give just enough leverage to do up the nut tight enough and you may be wishing for more. The bottle opener also nods towards the trendy hipster culture; it's cool looking and cool functioning.

The spoke tensioner tool is really handy, just put it back in its slot so as not to lose it after use.  The chain breaker seems pretty robust and will fit a large range of chains. These two features are stand out for their quality and usefulness.

spoke key
Chainbreak And Spoke Key Are Great

You'd get irate using it as a workshop tool so I'd steer well clear but for a day to day emergency tool it's pretty good, just chuck it in your saddlebag or rucksack and leave it there. I wish they'd not bothered with the bottle opener and made room for some detachable tyre levers or similar, then it'd be a more rounded tool. It's £32.99, so not cheap and quite a bit more than other rivals. The weight and slightly unconventional shape may not appeal so much to your jersey pocket though, it also comes in up to four colours, which, obviously is important if you're a bit 'trendy'.

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