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HotChillee launch virtual cycling community to combat lockdown stress and isolation

by amy

HotChillee launch virtual cycling community to combat lockdown stress and isolation

Known for their world class cycling events, HotChillee has launched a digital cycling community platform and with the help of Rainmaker Solutions transformed from an outdoor events company to a virtual global community, enabling members to stay active and connected during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. 
With group cycling suspended in many countries organisations like HotChillee have had to adapt quickly to the Covid-19 restrictions. HotChillee CC members now connect on a HotChillee Community Slack platform and use video technology to keep in touch. As well as a full daily calendar of indoor virtual rides the platform gives members access to a range of different virtual events and experiences. These include coffees with pro cyclists, pilates classes, mindfulness sessions, advice on nutrition, news and updates and much more. But perhaps the most important part of all of this, is members have the opportunity for contact with the entire HotChillee community on an app at all times.
This week's activities included a virtual Coffee Stop with World Tour rider for Team NTT and HotChillee CC member Nic Dlamini where members can ask him anything from training tips, how he's coping with lockdown to his plans looking ahead. 
Nic Dlamini, HotChillee CC member and NTT World Tour Rider: "I've been a member of the HotChillee family for many years and this is a great way to stay in touch. Am looking forward to our virtual coffee stop this week". 
HotChillee CC members include a broad range of amateur and professional cyclists, business leaders and celebrities all sharing a love for cycling. Former members include Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas so members are in exclusive company. 
Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, CCC Liv World Tour Rider and HotChillee CC member: "After riding the Rainmaker RollerCoaster with HotChillee last year this is a great way to stay in touch with my fellow riders, arrange Meet Ups on Zwift and stay up to date with all the HotChillee goings on."
Rachel Coley, HotChillee CC member and front line NHS worker: "I've been blown away by the engagement on the new platform, whether it's joining a virtual ride, judging a bake-off, a pilates session or doing a wall-sit challenge. As someone who works on the front line it puts a massive smile on my face to know my fellow Chillees are going through this with me. I've met members of HCCC that I didn't know before and I'm looking forward to meeting and riding with them on the road in the near future."
Paul Sinton-Hewitt, Founder of parkrun and HotChillee CC member: "As a relative newbie to cycling and HotChillee I have been overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of the community. I, along with so many others, didn't see COVID-19 coming and have been so surprised at the speed with which the HotChillee community have embraced and provided for these unusual lockdown conditions. Their community hub provides nearly everything that we need to stay in touch, socialise and stay fit and healthy. I'm sure we are all looking forward to riding together for real as soon as it is safe again."
Sven Thiele, CEO, HotChillee: "Since setting up the platform it's been amazing, heartwarming and uplifting to see how our community has engaged with, adapted to and thrived in this new virtual world. Just by logging in you feel connected, supported and part of something bigger. We'd love to take this opportunity to reach out to  frontline NHS staff to join the HotChillee CC community free of charge and, whether cyclists or not, find support, both physical and mental, that'll hopefully help, in some small way, to continue performing their essential work. In the space of a week this has become the app that I log onto first thing every morning."
Jan Joubert, CEO, Rainmaker: "The world has just changed. The reality is that those organisations that don't rapidly change what they do and how they do it, will be left behind. For those that do change, the new world awaits. Quite remarkably, HotChillee has just done exactly that. They have changed from being a physical events company only 3 weeks ago, to being a completely virtual experience offering physical and mental wellbeing to their own community, corporates and vitally, to the NHS frontline staff (free of charge) as well. I am thrilled that Rainmaker has been able to support the creation of this amazing virtual cycling club. Chapeau HotChillee, chapeau!"

HotChillee are not only providing this support to club members, but to a wide range of individuals and corporations striving to maintain physical as well as mental wellbeing during the current crisis - this includes front line NHS staff who are welcome to join for free.

You can join HotChillee CC here or contact for more information

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