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Dartmoor Classic Sells Out In Record Time

by Nick Gregory

The 2014 Dartmoor Classic has sold out in record time, despite an online entry system failure occurring within 2 hours of it going live.

"Within the first 90 minutes or so, well over half of the 3000 available places had been snapped up", said Guy Langworthy, the new leader of the event's planning team. "Shortly after, there was a massive surge in demand and the network just crashed. The internet facility was then out of operation for the rest of the morning, but within 24 hours, we were posting the sold-out notice and breathing sighs of relief", he added.


As in previous years, Mid-Devon Cycling Club - who organise the event - will be operating a 'Wait List' for riders to register, without charge, as reserves. As places become available through cancellations, these riders will be notified in order and only pay if they accept the place offered. Places not accepted within 48 hours will then be offered to the next on the list. "Through this system, nearly 300 reserves for this year's event were eventually accommodated", said the event's entries coordinator Stewart Bergman.

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