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Last Chance to Tackle the Peak District's 'Big 3' with the Wiggle Tour of the Peak

by Nick Gregory

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Over 1,200 riders have already signed up to take on the first ever closed-road ascent of Winnats Pass as part of the 2014 Wiggle Tour of the Peak, and there's still time to join them on the 18th May in Britain's most popular National Park - if you're quick. 

The Tour of the Peak is fast becoming a Classic UK sportive, partly because it is one of few events to include all 3 of the Peak District's trophy climbs - in fact 3 of Britain's most iconic climbs full stop - Cat and Fiddle, Winnats Pass and Holme Moss (soon to be of Tour de France fame). Described by Cyclsoport's James Berresford as the "triumvirate of pain," they are by no means the only climbs on the route, so if you want to test your mettle then this is the event for you. 

Winnats Pass

The Wiggle Tour of the Peak is based on the old Tour of the Peak race (1943 to 2005) that played host to some of the biggest names in British cycling history. For 2014 the event moves to a new, larger HQ at Bakewell, with plenty of on-site parking. This new HQ means that riders have a much better opportunity to crack the Winnats Pass climb, as it now appears just 16 miles into the route. 

The long route features a staggering 12,800ft of ascent in 110 miles. Shorter, but no less fierce, the medium route offers up 6,900ft of climbing in just over 60miles. However, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, and the climbing is the price you pay if you want to enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery in Britain. The Tour of the Peak will take your breath away in every sense. 

Check out the video below of Kilo to Go's route team previewing the route of the Wiggle Tour of the Peak in 2011: 

Winnat's Pass is the first climb - a cleft cut between two limestone pinnacles. The climb is relatively short, but reaches its steepest gradient near the summit - over 20%! This year the climb features a closed road format, making it easier and more 'enjoyable' for riders.  

Holme Moss is the second major climb on the long route. Keep a look out on the road for the distance markers to the top where you'll see the radio mast and ice cream van. This is a long but gradual climb that, in effect, starts way back down in Holmefirth. The gradient stays steady for the most part, and once you've got to the top there's a fantastic descent which courtesy of the impending Tour de France visit, has now been resurfaced.

Cat 'n' Fiddle is the last major climb on the route. At nearly 7 miles long, it's a climb similar to those found on the European circuit. Both routes tackle it from the edge of Macclesfield to Buxton.  

Cat 'n' Fiddle

However, fear not; out on the route not only will you be challenged, but extensive backup will be provided throughout. Along the magenta-signed routes you'll be supported by fully trained Health Profession Council (HPC) standard paramedics, motorbike outriders and a broom wagon. 

New for this season is Kilo to Go's 'Ticket to Ride' pack, which is posted out prior to the event and contains everything you need for registration, meaning all you need to do is turn up and ride. As well electronic timing, event photography and well-stocked feed stations, all finishers will receive a High5 taster pack, water bottle, medal, certificate and a video of the moment you cross the finish line. 


"The Wiggle Tour of the Peak is fast becoming a classic in the UK sportive calendar, and deservedly so. The difficulty level and scenery is up there with the biggest and the best, and Kilo to Go seem to have the sportive formula down to a tee." - Cyclosport's James Berresford, 2012.

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