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Sportive HQ Events Selling Fast!

by Holly Blades

This years Sportive HQ events are selling very fast this year, with their June event, Flat n Fast 100 is already sold out of 700 places, 4 months ahead of the event. The event is only accepting waiting list places at the moment as the organisers try to secure additional parking for their super popular Roux Bikes 100 Series events.

In a statement issued by Sportive HQ, they said "Word seems to be out in regards to our increasingly popular Roux Bikes 100 Series which represents fantastic value for money. Many riders appreciate the fact that our events are priced at just £22.50 and cut away things like goody bags that not everyone wants. Many riders when asked didn't want a t-shirt or things like that as part of the event entry so we have stuck with the principal of keeping entry prices as low as possible for people who just want a great day out on the bike. We do have a VIP Entry Category that allows people to choose if they do want all of the 'bling' and that does include a medal, a high quality technical t-shirt, bespoke Giraffe Multi-Functional Headwear and hot food when they get back to the finish line." 

"The main thing for us is to give riders choice about what they want. They can choose the standard entry at £22.50 and add on an item of merchandise as a memento of the day if they wish"

"We always listened to what riders wanted and we have found that it is a great well marked route, with feed stations that provide proper food, hot drinks and of course homemade cake - it's always a favourite!"

Don't miss out on Sportive HQ's Roux Bikes 100 Series they are selling out extremely fast.

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