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Wiggle Shropshire Mynd Offers Something For Everyone

by Nick Gregory

A popular event in the Midlands area, the previously branded "Wiggle Wild Edric" takes on a new name and route. If you are looking for a great ride, with something for everyone, then the Wiggle Shropshire Mynd is a must. 

The shorter of the two routes (64 miles with 1,400m of ascent) is an idyllic ride through Shropshire. There are two named climbs on the short route: Long Mynd which gives a long, gradual climb, and Long Mountain, which is now a short, sharp climb. After each of the named climbs, the route offers plenty of downhill, which allows for some fast pedaling and some great group riding. 

Shropshire Mynd

The longer route (101 miles) is a different kettle of fish. Following the short route up and over Long Mynd, the route splits at roughly 21 miles, and heads south to the 3rd of the named climbs: Kerry Hill - a long, gradual climb that gets steeper and steeper the nearer the top you get. After the split, the long route tracks across 50 miles and 1,600m of ascent before merging back in with the short route at Montgomery. In total, the long route has a whopping 2,700m of climbing, but again the route makes use of some long gradual downhill sections where you can really make some in-roads on the mileage. 

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