REVIEW: WhackJob Bamboo Technical Riding Socks Recommended

by Nick Gregory

Price £12.00
Size 10
Colour Black
a great product that offers quality, value for money and the comforting assurance that you're doing something good for the environment

WhackJob Bamboo Technical Riding Sock

Size: 3-11

Colour: Black

Price: £12.00

Socks. Perhaps not the first item you consider when thinking about cycling-specific clothing, but as anyone who has suffered the pain of riding with cold feet will tell you, they're arguably one of the most important. 

WhackJob are a relatively young, Devon-based MTB clothing company offering, amongst other items, jerseys, base layers, hoodies, t-shirts and socks. Built on a strong foundation of "co-operation and sustainability", their passion for the sport and love of what they do is apparent and infectious. 

From the effort made to hand-write a note to accompany my relatively small order of just one pair of socks, to the care and attention given to the faux-bamboo packaging, this is clearly not your average high street mega-chain, or faceless online retailer. 


Joel Teague, the man who started WhackJob, has shrewdly surrounded himself with experts from all parts of the MTB world to ensure that it has become a brand for riders, run by riders. All products are developed with feedback from sponsored mountain bikers such as Maxine Filby, Jack Read and Dominic Pearce. 

As mentioned, sustainability and ethics are the key principles that guide WhackJob - and a large amount of time is spent ensuring all products comply with this ethos, right through to the bamboo and cotton being organically grown and sourced through certified, fair trading schemes.

Whilst we all strive to recycle, shop fair trade and just generally be all-round greener and better people, it is often too easy to overlook or ignore the importance of sustainability; especially when money is tight, as more often than not, doing the 'right' thing involves parting with a bit more cash.  



Thanks to WhackJob though, that's no longer an issue - when it comes to buying cycling socks at least - as the rather exotically named, "WhackJob Bamboo Technical Riding Socks" retail at a very reasonable £12. This places them at the cheaper end of a scale that now extends to an eye-watering £48.99 at the upper reaches, if you're looking to splash out on a pair of Gore Bike Wear Thermos that is... More realistic competition comes from the likes of DeFeet, Endura, dhb, Altura, Assos and Castelli. 

There seems to be an overriding sense of fun that pervades everything WhackJob do, say and make, and their socks are certainly no exception. Described as offering "the delicious comfort of bamboo," the stylish, eye-catching design means that as well as performing brilliantly, they are also a fantastic option for the days when you're off the bike as well as on it - fitting as they do, just as well in the office as on the road. 

WhackJob are mad about bamboo. In fact, 53% of the sock is bamboo viscose, with the remainder being nylon and Lycra (43% and 3% respectively.)  And it seems their love of it is justified. It is naturally anti-bacterial - and therefore resistant to odour - and wicks away moisture effectively. This reduced the impact of damp feet during the numerous rides I tested them on. They're soft and comfortable, offer support and padding where required, and had no irritating seam that can often rub and cause discomfort in many socks. 



All in all, a great product that offers quality, value for money and the comforting assurance that you're doing something good for the environment. They really are, as WhackJob claim, the perfect "Treat your feet." 

For more information, visit the WhackJob website at:

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