Squirt Chain Lube

by Nikalas Cook

Price £11.99
A wax lube that's effective in real-life British riding conditions.

Wax based lubes are nothing new and, in dry use scenarios, such as on the track, I've used a few of them over the years. However, out on the roads and trails, in the mud and wet, they've never really cut it and I've always ended up going back to traditional lubes and accepting the endless cycle of degreasing and re-lubing and the inevitable "Third Cat Tats" on my calves.


So, I must admit to being a bit skeptical about Squirt, especially as it also claimed to be 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly but, so far, I've been mightily impressed. Once you've degreased, rinsed and allowed your chain to dry, Squirt recommends a first application, waiting 5 minutes and then applying again. Ideally then, especially if you're likely to be riding in wet conditions, leaving it to dry overnight.


Having followed these instructions on my gravel bike, I planned a challenging 4-5 hour ride the next morning. A drizzly day and damp (okay boggy) trails coated both me and my bike in a layer of grime but weirdly both chain and cassette were still surprisingly clean. There was zero gunk or grinding paste, even on the jockey wheels and, after a token run through a cloth, my chain was sparkling. On the ride there had been none of the squeaking or noise I'd associate with a dry chain and so I can only conclude that the Squirt was doing a good job.


After cleaning my bike, nothing more for the chain apart from a drying run through a rag, I applied a bit more Squirt and it was good to go again the next day. After a solid month of gravel grinding, often in the wet, I haven't resorted to degreasing once and my drivetrain is still disconcertingly clean. Despite regular little and often reapplication, my 120ml bottle is lasting well and I'd say it's working out more economical than a traditional lube.


I've now also "Squirted" my road and MTB and it's impressing on those too.

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