Spatz 'Roadman' Super Insulated Reflective Overshoes Recommended

by Nikalas Cook

Price £84.99
Warm, waterproof and visible. Probably the best overshoes in the world.

Cold and wet feet can ruin a bike ride and, although overshoes can make a difference, it's often a case of just putting off the inevitable as the water always seems to find a way in. Ex pro cyclist Tom Barras has been rethinking overshoes since 2006 and, after numerous prototypes, produced the groundbreaking Spatz 'Pro" Overshoes. An amazingly effective product but, not resting on his laurels, Tom has again upped the overshoes ante with the Spatz 'Roadman' super-insulated reflective overshoes. With a 4.5mm neoprene toe-box the crucial "ice block feet beating" toe insulation is amazing but without being excessively bulky. Like their predecessors the tight fitting, below the knee length, waterproof and liquid seal gripper sealed design does an incredible job of keeping your feet dry; It's genuinely amazing when you get home from a wet ride with completely dry socks! Along with being warmer, with 360 reflective detailing, they boost your visibility to other road users too. I'm now well into my second winter using the overshoes and they're still going strong and showing no signs of wear and tear. Yes, you can buy cheaper overshoes but I guarantee they won't come close in terms of effectiveness and durability.

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