Lazer Victor Helmet

by Nikalas Cook

Price £249.99
Size Weight: 420g
A real world aero helmet that'll suit a wide range of riders and disciplines

If you compete in triathlons, ride time trials or race on the track, you'll no doubt be aware of the potential gains that an aero helmet can offer. In terms of bang for your buck, an aero helmet is potentially one of the best watt saving upgrades you can make. However, unless your position allows a seamless transition between the helmet and you upper back, you never drop or move your head and you don't race in sidewinds, traditional long tailed aero helmets can actually slow you down.


The stubby tailed Lazer Victor is designed for real world conditions and, because of this, should suit a wide range of riders. Lazer also found that surprisingly, even in optimal conditions, it proved to be faster than their long tailed Wasp TT helmet.


Trying it out initially on the track, I found it to be both comfortable and secure with Lazer's Advanced Turnfit system offering both vertical and horizontal adjustment for tweaking the fit. During bunch races, my peripheral vision wasn't at all compromised by the visor, the Victor's short tail didn't inhibit me turning my head and It didn't feel at all heavy or bulky either.


Heading out onto the road for some early training on the time trial bike, the Victor felt super comfortable down on the tri-bars and again, visibility was excellent. On a section of road notorious for cross-winds, I didn't feel any sense of my head being buffeted. For longer events where side-winds are expected, such as Ironman Lanzarote, this could significantly reduce fatigue and neck strain.


For relatively short track events, I'd used the Victor with the visor fully shut for maximum aero gains. However, after an hour or so on the TT bike, my head was getting a bit sweaty. However, by pushing the Victor's lens forwards, it offers  varying levels of ventilation. With this done, there was a noticeable sensation of cool air flowing through the helmet, making it suitable for summer and warm weather events.


Find out more: https://www.lazersport.co.uk/p/victor-helmet/CZ1895034

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