SIS Beta fuel

by Nikalas Cook

Price £30.00
Size 12 servings
A brilliant and effective option for fuelling long workouts from your bottles alone.

When Chris Froome made his race winning epic ride on Stage 19 of the 2018 Giro d'Italia, SIS Beta Fuel played a key role fuelling his effort. Delivering 80g of carbohydrate from a single 500ml serving, it's a great option for fuelling long rides, SIS say over 2.5 hours, from your bottle alone. This can be great for sportives as you just need to few sachets in your pockets and are then only reliant on water at aid stations. Using a 2:1 maltodextrin/fructose ratio to maximise absorption, it's also isotonic and pH neutral to minimise gastric distress. I was initially skeptical about getting all the fuel I needed from just one 500ml bottle an hour but, on a number of long rides, including ones of four and five hours in Tenerife, I felt strong, well fuelled and hydrated. I also found it brilliant on grim winter rides when, togged up with full gloves etc, getting to and opening food is a real faff.

Finally, if you know you're heading out for a group smash-fest, when there won't be any let up, it'll allow you to stay on top of your fuelling. Given the massive carbohydrate hit, the lemon/lime flavoured drink wasn't overly sickly sweet and, despite warming up over the course of the rides in 20C temperatures, remained palatable and encouraged drinking. I suffered no gastric issues at all and oddly had no empty stomach feeling despite not taking on any "real food". My only caveat would be in very hot conditions where 500ml of fluids per hour probably wouldn't be enough and you'd need to supplement with extra plain water or water with electrolytes. 

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