Torq Energy Gels

by Nikalas Cook

Price £24.00
Size custom Build-A-Box of 15 gels
A new favourite flavour for me from the gourmet gel magicians at Torq.

Torq have made some great gels over the years, including my previous all time favourite Rhubarb and Custard. Not resting on their flavoursome laurels though, they keep coming up with more delectable options to fuel your runs and rides. The cake inspired duo of Cherry Bakewell and Lemon Drizzle are great, with the citrus tang of the lemon especially good as it really helps to cut through the sweetness. These massive flavour hits also come without artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. These gels aren't just about great taste though. The texture makes them easy to gulp down, they deliver 5 key electrolytes and each gel provides a decent 30g carbohydrate hit in an easily absorbed 2:1 maltodextrin to fructose ratio. Most impressive though is that Torq have managed to topple their Rhubarb and Custard from the top of my gel taste chart. Their new Caramel Latte is incredible, crafted using real coffee and packs 89mg of caffeine. For a tasty kick up the backside in the last hour of a tough ride, it's just the gel you're looking for.


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