WTB Sendero TCS

by Nikalas Cook

Price £44.99
Size 530g (650b 47mm)
If you want your gravel bike to become a drop-barred mud guzzling MTB, these are the tyres for you.

If your gravel riding tends to lean more towards mountain biking, these could be just the tyres you're looking for. When mounted on my 650b wheels, these full-on knobblies with retro tan sidewalls transformed my gravel bike into a genuine off-roader. The ramped centre knobs meant they were just about tolerable on tarmac, okay on hard-pack but it was when things got loose and sloppy that they really shone. The large volume carcasses soaked up rock hits and the aggressive outer knobs tenaciously found grip with ease. I found myself really pushing the envelope of "gravel riding", seeking out my usual mountain biking routes and frankly, riding like a hooligan. Even after heavy rain, they devoured off-road miles and showed impressive mud clearing capabilities when ploughing through several bogs of doom on peaty Dark Peak trails. Puncture count has been zero but, although your wouldn't want to, if you did log significant road miles on them, the tread would wear fairly fast.

Find out more here: www.hotlines-uk.com/wtb-sendero-tcs-road-tyre

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