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Cyclosport's Top 5 UK Sportives to Ride in November

by Nick Gregory

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Le Manc 24 Hours

16 teams will take to the boards of the Manchester Velodrome to challenge themselves and see who can cover the greatest distance within 24 hours. "Le Manc 24 Hours" will have the buzz and excitement of its French namesake, but indoors on the track. The pressure will be on to complete as many laps of the 250 metre track as possible, cycling through the night to fulfil the challenge.

As you will be part of a team, you can share the load of the effort between all of the team. Each rider will be expected to complete at least 3 hours of riding over the course of the 24 hours, so everyone is doing a fair share of the challenge. Team strategy is as crucial in this event as actual physical strength and endurance. Concentration during the 24 hours will also be important as tiredness will set in unless you get the right amount of rest between each of your stints on the track.


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