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Ne Jetez Plus! - A Great Addition To Any Event

by Henry Peacock

In the UK sportives attract a wide range of people, most of which carry food and with that comes wrappers. In the professional races you'll  see riders throwing empty gel sachets, bar wrappers, bottles and even musette bags to the side of the road. These races have a responsibility to clean up after the riders and employ teams of people to pick up litter after the race has moved through the area.

ne jetez plus

The main problem of this is that during live tv coverage the sight of riders discarding their waste is something that may mean sportive riders do the same. Of course this isn't acceptable under any circumstances, events in the UK mostly advices that participants behave responsibly and most obey the rules, carry their litter with them and discard it at an appropriate point. In France there is an organisation set up to urge people not to litter whilst cycling called 'Ne Jetez Plus!', based in Montpellier in the South of France they are there to make a real change.

The club who are clearly visible in their jerseys ride events throughout France and their presence encourages those around them to be responsible and not litter, they also help the organiser to transmit their simple message. In France there is a law 'Natura 2000' which states that sportive organisers respect the protected zones of natural beauty, Ne Jetez Plus! help to achieve this.

The organisation has logo that is widely available and want to endorse organisers not just throughout France but also the rest of the world. They have a multisport outlook and are looking to expand past cycling, running and triathlon.

Here's some history of the organisation: Back in 2006 the website was created to bring together riders in the South of France centred around an internet forum. These riders were soon sick of seeing cyclists chucking their rubbish on the roads, particularly during mass-participation cyclosportives. You don't have to be an eco-warrior to get annoyed by litter-bugs! From this the idea and logo Ne Jetez Plus!  was created, a simple but direct message to cyclists. At the same time Team Sud Vélo Ne Jetez Plus was born with the ambition to transmit the message by riding with the distinctive logo. Unlike other Eco actions in the riding community this message is blatantly obvious. In 2012 Team Sud Vélo Ne Jetez Plus has quickly become established (despite it being a 100% non-profit association and run by volunteers) with regular participation at the Ariegeoise, Quebrantahuesos and the Heraultaise Roger Pingeon cyclosportives.

The organisation runs a cycling club full of fanatics with current projects: organising a race and an audax, advise the local authorities in Montpellier on event organisation, plans to start a bike school. They are also creating a project to put bike friendly bins on the Cols of our beloved Cevennes, they lend out Ne Jetez Plus! eco-cups for parties and races to help reduce waste.

The organisation is a great thing for events and something that we should maybe adopt over here, what do you think?

For more information visit:

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29th March 2013 12:25pm HP wrote:

Thank you for this article!

I'm part of Team Sud Vélo Ne Jetez Plus here in Montpellier. Our aim is simple - help clear up the image of cycling and to keep the fabulous cols and landscapes we ride through free from cycling waste.

Our logo is bilingual and free to use...please get in touch for more info. I'm British but living in France so you don't have worry about writing to us in French!! Contact me via

A bientot!

29th March 2013 5:59pm russ wrote:

I pity the fool who drops litter on a sportive with me cycling behind them!