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Hell of the Ashdown sells out in 36 hours

by Adam Tranter


The Hell of the Ashdown sportive in January has had to close its doors after completely selling-out and within record time.

The event received - and processed - 1,000 entries within just 36 hours of it opening.

"Last year, 1,000 places went in 10 days so we anticipated that there would be a rush," event organiser Bryan Stout told Cyclosport.

"So we warned everyone on our emailing list that the window of opportunity would be narrow. Also we fine-tuned our entry system so it could cope. But we never thought there would be such an onslaught. We were told that at one time we were getting more hits than Sky!"

The Hell of the Ashdown is the opening sportive event of the season and features six major climbs totalling 2,000 metres of climbing.

Stout emphasised that the event is completely sold-out and will be accepting no further entries under any circumstances.

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