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Welcome to, from Brian Palmer

by Adam Tranter

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About Brian Palmer

Unlike many of those who have graced this introductory page before him, Brian Palmer has no palmares in the world of cycling; he has not succumbed to pinning a number on one of those rear pockets, and has never troubled the finish line judges. What he is apparently renowned for is scribbling far too many big words on a daily basis in some yellow and black pixels. Brian is the editor of

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, more years ago than he cares to relate, Brian took up cycling to reduce the petrol bill in his early twenties. He now resides on the Inner Hebridean Isle of Islay, a confirmed non-drinker surrounded by eight malt whisky distilleries, and kept in line by Mrs Washingmachinepost. Wanderlust is not an affliction from which he suffers, and he is more than happy to circulate on island tarmac bearing only a tangential approximation to surfaced roads with the Velo Club d'Ardbeg peloton.

Dear Cyclosport reader,

Thewashingmachinepost started life as a series of articles in Islay's local paper, intent on persuading the local populace to take to their bicycles en masse. On realising that I was failing miserably, I intended to let it drop, before discovering that there was a sizeable audience who found the post entertaining, but with no real interest in bicycles whatsoever.

The name was inspired by Graeme Obree's construction of at least part of 'Old Faithful' from washing machine parts, and first saw light of day as a spoof newspaper page created for a friend's birthday card. It has stuck ever since. as has the preference for Colnago bicycles, a proclivity for which I have become more recently renowned, and an online repository for as many Robert Millar articles and photographs I can find.

When the World Wide Web became simple enough for those of simple means, the post migrated from print to pixel, initially updated every two weeks, but within the last few years imposing itself on an unsuspecting cycling public pretty much everyday. Apparently the post is now a blog, but its origins considerably predate the coining of the word 'weblog'; the principle has not, however, varied to any appreciable degree, covering road bike culture without taking itself too seriously, but nonetheless being serious about cycling. If that's not too much of a contradiction.

Thewashingmachinepost has introduced me to a peer group I would never have known, had it not become such a large part of my life, and a small part of thousands of others. It was pointed out to me that, as a business proposal, the intention to cover the myriad aspects of road cycling from a small rock in the Atlantic, lends itself very little credibility, yet it has outgrown all expectations, always assuming I had any in the first place.

Were it possible to create a coat of arms, the motto at the bottom would read 'If you don't ask, you don't get; and if you don't get, nobody died.' I've met some wonderful people through cycling, and I intend to meet many more. I'd be delighted if you'd join me in my daily musings at, and happy to chat about nothing in particular if we bump into each other at any cycling event in the future.

Brian Palmer

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2nd June 2011 10:46pm Admin wrote:

This is utterly cool :-)
Well done Mr. Washingmachinepost!

2nd June 2011 10:46pm Admin wrote:

Keep up the good work Brian, Chapeaux!

2nd June 2011 10:46pm Admin wrote:

Great job you have done with TWMP!