Advertising is one of the busiest UK cycling websites, and the largest cyclosportive specific website on the web. Cycling is big business, and we're offering fantastic opportunities to promote your event, product, brand or service intuitively and personally.

Background was established in 2003 and has seen tremendous growth in the cyclosportive model in the British Isles. The last few years have seen an explosion of events and we have built relationships with existing and newer organizers and have taken the lead in organizing and facilitating a calendar of events.

There are hundreds of recognised cyclosportives in mainland UK in 2011 and we have some many many more events world wide. In 2011, is heading through the next development process, and the website will be even more content rich, user friendly and accessible to discerning advertisers.


With event ratings, comprehensive listings of all events, in depth articles and reports, is the one and only "one stop shop" for cyclosportives.

Testament to cycling's growth, other sites offer cycling content, but hold the dominant market position and content when it comes to the big business of cyclosportives.

Many business markets fit within the demographic of cyclosportive cyclists. The increase in professionally-organised, worldwide events show that cyclosportives is a rapidly developing market. Riders are looking for the latest in bikes, equipment and clothing; they are also willing to take on coaching plans to improve their fitness and incorporate cycling into their holidays.

Events publicised and marketed by fill up very quickly. Increasingly, event organisers are turning to THE home of cyclosportives to ensure they fulfil their entry expectations.

Leading The Way is a recognised leader, not only in the reporting of cyclosportives, but as an authoritative voice in the organisation, consultancy and development of the future of sportives. It's more than just a website, we offer advice to organisers, riders, sponsors and the media.

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