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7 out of 10
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Santini Cotswold Spring Classic

01/04/2013 - Cirencester, Gloucestershire - Sportive

Rating: 86.1% based on 2 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 87.4% based on 21 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 93.333%


Overall a great sportive as was the Autumn Classic 2012. A must in my annual calender.
Thank you very much

Rated Event: 78.889%

philipcrook wrote:

Lovely event will be back for more.

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 88.889%

MichaelKnight wrote:

Great event, thoroughly enjoyable and will definitely recommend. As a former fair weather cyclist it's a shame the weather didn't play ball (unlike the previous year) but still a good ride.

Rated Event: 93.333%


Very well organised - some good tough climbs in places but some long flat sections too. Showers after and a hot meal much appreciated.

Rated Event: 80.000%


Good event - Challenging course both physically & mentally
Would recommend

Rated Event: 100.000%

OwenSmith wrote:

Extremely well organised and run event, from entering, to crossing the finish line.

Rated Event: 83.333%

CliveRivers wrote:

Did the short route again this year which as stated was tougher than last - probably too tough. The first 10 miles were basically a series of tough climbs and fast descents with little time to actually warm up. The section from the feed to the end was a better mix with some flat, some rolling and some tough climbs. Its a tricky mix to get right but it probably needs another look - leave the really tough climbs to the longer routes please

Rated Event: 72.222%

MikeMckeaveney wrote:

Well organise, but route needs amending

Rated Event: 97.778%


A great event well run with a fantastic route keep it up guys.

Rated Event: 47.778%

bumsteer wrote:

For the third year running, the organisers have changed the course and still failed to get the dynamic of the route right. The route profile of the 100 miler says it all: one insignificant climb in the first 50 miles and all the leg-breaking climbs contained in the second 50 miles made this year a particularly miserable experience. The first half was plain boring and the second boringly painful. I won't be doing this ride again.

Rated Event: 83.333%

JenniferT wrote:

My blog entry is here:

Sign on was easy and quick. Timing chips were attached to the numbers. HQ had all the facilities required, from plenty of parking to toilets and changing etc. The feedstops were good, with toilets (¢€˜rah!), and were well provisioned and friendly, as were the staff throughout. Friendly that is. The signage was fairly good ¢€Â" with only one instance about 10 miles in where some toerag had moved a sign. The route was scenic, mostly on back roads, and the road surfaces were as good as can be expected for such. So pretty well organised all round. Hard work though!

Rated Event: 95.460%


Well organised, well signed, useful goodybag for a change (including easter egg) and nice to have hot pasta at end

Rated Event: 96.570%

AJC wrote:

Rated Event: 100.000%


What a fabulous event today - exceptionally well run and a great goodie bag on registration and an even better one upon finishing - got a easter egg and an inner tube plus a voucher for free food - how good is that?!
Well done guys, keep it up, see you all next year for this one!


Dave B

Rated Event: 99.900%


Really well organised event - all round good stuff. From a demanding course to an Easter Egg with the Goody Bag - the organisers had it all sorted!!

Rated Event: 89.910%

ajbrough wrote:

Fantastic organisation - registration was fast and easy, the route well signed and all the organisers were super friendly. The shorter route was still a tough challenge given the weather. We will definitely be back next year for the longer route!

Rated Event: 98.790%


Second time doing this event and I love it. The HQ is fantastic and something a lot of organisers should take note of, signing on, timing and starting runs very efficiently and the route is a serious challenge around some beautiful countryside. Andy, Andy and Andy are friendly and happy to chat, the outriders are reassuringly prominent out on the course and the event is also good value for money, something else other organisers should pay more attention to.

Rated Event: 75.480%


Apart from putting the wrong postcode on the website for sat navs (and loads of riders driving round a housing estate looking for a college), absolutely nothing wrong with the ride. Very challenging hills (who only rated it a 7??) with some very serious descents requiring excellent handling skills. I will not mention the cyclist who overshot the right angled bend and was still braking along someones driveway!

Rated Event: 86.580%


Great even - enjoyed it last year and this!

Rated Event: 69.930%

bumsteer wrote:

Creditable inaugural event by these organisers. Friendly, professional atmosphere. Nicely located foodstops. Some changes to the route could improve the dynamics of this ride. Most of the climbing (inc. Birdlip) was between the first and second feeds and was really punishing, while the last third was so flat it was dull. Some of the descents on gravel-strewn narrow lanes were really quite treacherous with no opportunity to let go.

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