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Reigate Sunday Sportive

01/07/2012 - Reigate, Surrey - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 81.2% based on 7 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 80.000%

rickallison wrote:

Good event well organised signs at one point pointing in two different directions

Rated Event: 69.930%

unknown wrote:

Good event, let down by poor signage / course design. Seemed as though a significant number of riders missed the same turn reducing the course from 139km to 114km. I had a goal time and was on track to get it, so felt very flat to end up with a somewhat pointless result.

Facilities at the start / finish were good. It was very pleasant sitting in the sun, music playing, a big bowl of chilli and a cup of tea to refuel.

Rated Event: 75.480%


Very good event, generally well sign posted and excellent scenery.

Rated Event: 99.900%

Hicksi wrote:

Absolutely superb. Sportives don't get much better. I'm slightly biased as my club, Redhill CC, were supporting this event in a number of ways, not least pretty girls in Redhill uniforms at the feed stop!! The early morning weather was appalling and many people stayed in bed but we had 38 riders in all three distances. They had a great day as the sun came out for most of the ride. We won 12 Golds, 17 Silvers and 5 bronzes proving that Club cyclists train better and go faster. In spite of wet roads and gravel in places, we had no accidents or dramas, just excellent cycling and lots of smiling faces at the finish.

Rated Event: 78.810%


Well run and friendly event. Marshalls and people at feed stops etc very helpful. Thank you to the two riders who stopped to donate me spare tubes. You are forever in my debt!

Rated Event: 86.580%


Well run event - registration much improved from last year

Rated Event: 77.700%


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