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La Marmotte

02/07/2011 - Bourg d Oisans, Isere, Alps, France - Sportive

Rating: 91.7% based on 7 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 90.7% based on 11 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 80.0%

BryanShrubb wrote:

Fantastic route as usual, organisation probably as good as it could have been given the number of riders! Online entry via website is still woeful!

Rated Event: 86.7%

LeeMessenger wrote:

Great, well organized event. Stunning scenery and really tough course.

Rated Event: 90.0%

GustavOhrstrom wrote:

Fantastic! Will definitely try to do it again!

Rated Event: 95.6%


I've done this for the last 3 years, and this year it was exceptionally hot, especially going up Alpe D'Huez. Some had thermometers and were reporting temperatures of 39 or 40 degrees & the tarmac was melting most of the way up the Galibier. Even so, I really enjoyed it. It's a much better event than the Etapes and the logistics are much easier. How to prepare? This is a much tougher event than anything the UK has to offer, so do plenty of sportives during the build up & try and look like Chris Froome. Get some low gears, a compact with a 32 cog on the back, or a triple.

Rated Event: 100.0%


The hardest single day in the saddle treat with respect or endure a sufferfest

Rated Event: 93.3%

alastairw2 wrote:

Fantastic event. Have done a couple of 'etapes' before, and I preferred the scenery & the logistics (start/stop same place) much more. Slightly less atmosphere/crowds than Etape. It was v. hard, on Galibier I really thought that I wouldn't finish, but the descent from the top was awesome. Next time I'll understand what the lights in the sign-on bag are for, so maybe the tunnels won't be as scary. Also next time, I'll be a lot lighter !

Rated Event: 96.7%


My first Marmotte. My first venture out of the UK on a bike. What a baptism of fire. All the hype, all the stories, all the horror of AdH. All true. But all absolutely unforgettable and amazing. Train hard and its possible. 9hr 43min of pain, pleasure and exhaustion.

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 89.9%


It was my 2nd year at La Marmotte and I loved every minute. This year I knew that they only served water and so took lots of electrolyte tablets which made all the difference. The key for me was to keep hydrated - drinking when I didn't want to and eating when I couldn't! With the food and drink sorted I managed to really enjoy myself. An epic ride and one that left me wanting to go back for more. Training starts next week after a few days of cold beers and a feet up period. La Marmotte rules.

I didn't give 100% because there is no doubt that the facilities at sportives like the Dragon Ride are much better but this is not a criticism. I wouldn't change a thing with La Marmotte. It is what it is and I love it.

Rated Event: 97.7%

Lee C wrote:

My second year and another Alpe d'huez climbed in 43 degrees heat. Awesome event. Do it. I now own the above bike ridden by Mr Jebb.

Rated Event: 89.9%


Great event - disappointed about the litter/lack of bins - it is not good for cycling when there is so much litter everywhere, reflects badly on the sport. I was expecting it to be a bit more organised at the feed stops - should really have a through lane and signs for water/food. Glandon in particular. Bikes should be set down away from queues. Signage was good, particularly for dodgy corners. Nothing worse than over-cooking a corner on a road you don't know.

Rated Event: 89.9%


This is a bloody tough and equally brilliant event. My first big Alps race and I loved it. Everything was as I expected. Not quite sure why people criticise feed stops and the efficiency going through them though. There are 7000+ riders so you are going to have to push through some people!!! I didn't have a problem with it. The course is about surviving and finishing in a time that suits your goals. It is not meant to be a breeze! Welcomed the extra water stops on Telegraphe and at Plan Lachat - I hadn't realised they would be there.

As for the Glandon descent being nuetralised - I have two times from the website, one with the descent not included and one real time (from the master pdf document) that exactly matches my Garmin time. My certificate i got at the finish has my real time on it. So arguably not nuetralised but plenty of marshalls helping people down. Probably a good idea nuetralising it for safetys sake. A very technical descent.

Also dispute that it was 43 degrees. Yes some people would have got readings off there Garmin's etc, but the signs in Bourg said it was 32 degrees (my wife saw them all), and the driver we went back down with at around 4pm said it was 31-33 degrees pretty much all afternoon in his car as well. Yes, it was undeniably hot (I did stop to pour a jug of water over myself once or twice), but it wasn't in the 40's - go do the Tour Down Under ride in Oz - that is a 40 degree event!

I thought the riders were great, there was great banter amongst the Australian, New Zealand and British riders. They certainly need to fix the litter problem. Would love to do it again next year, and the year after, and the year after.

Rated Event: 89.9%


I did randonee marmotte - over two days. really good intro to alp cycling. also meant you were at front of queue leisurely for the food and drink stations - and you had the 'pleasure' of being caught by the fastest from full marmotte on alp d'huez
fantastic event - bit more organising needed for two days but hard and well organised.

Rated Event: 78.8%


The parcours is exceptional in its toughness and beauty - except maybe the transition section to the foot of the Telegraphe.
Organisation on the day was excellent - how do they make the web site so bad?! - though my one gripe would be the food stops: I thought the food was pretty low quality for such a big event, though there was water a-plenty and not much queueing. Also I think it would have been nice to have countdown markers to the foodstops. I had the awful feeling I had missed the Valloire stop as it was some way beyond the town centre and I know a few people who went sailing by the stop at Bourg D'Oisans without seeing it. But these are small gripes and overall the event was superb - though this year rendered extra tough by the scorching temperatures that really made me struggle.

The one thing they need to sort is the website and communication during registration which is so bad it's almost funny.

Rated Event: 91.0%


An amazing experience and highly recommended. If you want to really test yourself, ride the most famous mountains of the Tour de France and enjoy incredible scenery then this is the event to do. Less well known than the Etape, and thus easier to enter, the circular route means that it is easy to organise your own trip to La Marmotte should you wish. We travelled from Bristol to Alpe d'Huez by train (and coach from Grenoble), arrived Thursday eve and went home Monday.

To really enjoy the event, you do need at least a day either side of the ride, as we had, to chill, prepare and relax - we had the perfect trip. If it's your first time, the other key thing to do is ride in a measured way, and ride your own 'race', don't chase people. Really gauge your effort and then you may be able to go for it on Alpe d'Huez! It's 40 plus miles of climbing mountains so unless you are used to this, heed the advice! 1,500 out of 7,000 failed to finish/get a time so be warned! You'll want to do it again so you can always return to better your debut time!

Rated Event: 88.8%


Rated Event: 89.9%


Get past the rather eccentric web site and this sportive is run extremely well. An extraordinary event, the sheer scale of the Alps is awe inspiring. Some say you have to do this ride at least once; I agree.

Rated Event: 93.2%


An excellent event, superb route and a fantastic atmosphere. My first foreign Sportive and I'll certainly try out some others. I felt a great sense of achievement to have completed it, and am still buzziing several days later. The website is a bit strange but don't let it put you off - a must do for any Sportive cyclist

Rated Event: 98.8%

Lee C wrote:

Believe the hype! This was every bit as hard as I had read, heard and guessed it would be. The onlyl thing preventing a maximum was the temperamental web site. I was particularly impressed with the willingness of the volunteers at the HQ to assist a non French speaker with queries. I hope I can motivate myself to be fitter when i eventually take part in this again.

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