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7 out of 10
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PUNCHEUR Sportive 2014

02/03/2014 - Ditchling, East Sussex - Sportive

Rating: 94.9% based on 7 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 92.6% based on 38 reviews

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Rated Event: 91.020%


Really top event for a first effort. Pity about the behaviour of motorists on Ditchling Beacon, one of whom brought down a rider in front of me through poor driving. A great day out on the bike with good weather and excellent spirit from all the riders. Many thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this a success.

Rated Event: 97.680%


My first sportive and what an introduction! Signing on was a bit of a scrum, but apart from that it was all absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed the day (even though I spent it being passed like I was standing still - which actually I wasn't very often!) and was frustrated that I missed my target time, but will be back next year, having trained more over the winter and trying even harder!

Rated Event: 99.900%

Mitre wrote:

What a fantastic route, it had everything, hills, flat, minimum traffic, beautiful countryside and the finale on Ditchling beacon. Wow. an incredible day on the bike. The times were set just about right, all achievable but you did have to work for it. Looking forward to next year already.

Rated Event: 91.020%


Terrific sportive - one of the best in the UK (and I've done lots of them from the Tour du Caledonia to the Southern Sportive ). Well organised and a truly fantastic route with a bit of everything thrown in. Only one sign was missing (i.e. one at the foot of Ditchling Beacon stating "cycling event in progress - consider alternative route"). I say this because I think some car drivers were impatient and irritable about being inconvenienced for a few minutes.

Feeding stationwas not only well-placed but also well stocked (Catford Cycling Club could learn a lot from the organisers and sponsors of thei event).

Verdict - I don't think it gets better than this. Well done organisers - I can't wait for next year!

Rated Event: 95.460%


Great Course and event. But what made the difference was the way we were looked after at the finish.The catering and goodwill were exemplary.
And another thing the Swiss Rolls at the feed stop were inspired,I haven't seen a chocolate Swiss Roll for many years so it was like falling in love again( it will never last).

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