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Great Exmoor Ride

02/09/2018 - Taunton - Sportive

Rating: 95.1% based on 35 reviews - Rate this Event Now

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Rated Event: 100.0%

damiemore wrote:

One of the unforgettable event I've attended. Thank you so much.

Rated Event: 87.8%

JakeDane wrote:

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Rated Event: 65.6%

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Rated Event: 72.2%

EltonSanders wrote:

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Rated Event: 84.4%

SamuelBoston wrote:

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Rated Event: 100.0%

BostonHood wrote:

Thanks for the update.

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MarySolero wrote:

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Rated Event: 100.0%

JamesJones wrote:

This is awesome!

Rated Event: 85.6%

RyanPeterson wrote:

Had a great ride. Would love to do this again in my free time. -

Rated Event: 100.0%

WilbertHarry wrote:

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Rated Event: 100.0%

RomanAlmaza wrote:

Great event.

Rated Event: 68.9%

KenS wrote:

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Rated Event: 100.0%

Jenny0 wrote:

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Rated Event: 100.0%

GraceAmith wrote:

And, of course, with the Ride ending by the sea it's a great opportunity for friends and family to meet the riders at the finish line, celebrate their achievement and then enjoy a late Summer family day out by the sea.

Rated Event: 95.6%

RoseSolero3 wrote:

Great event i must say. Thanks for sharing.

Rated Event: 83.3%

Breana wrote:

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Vanessaclouser wrote:

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VickyMartin wrote:

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tommyjones wrote:

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RoseSolero wrote:

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