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Exmouth Exodus VII

04/08/2012 - Bristol - Exmouth - Reliability Ride

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What is the Exmouth Exodus?
It's a free to enter, semi-organised ride from Bristol to Exmouth. You can just turn up on the night and ride. We leave at 10pm and arrive, erm, sometime in the morning. It's about 100 miles.

So it's like the Dunwich Dynamo then?
Yes and no. It's inspired by the DD, and there are plenty of obvious similarities, like the riding through the night to the seaside part. But it's different too. For a start, it's smaller - a lot smaller. We had about 230 riders for 2011, the dynam is over 1,000. It's hillier - a lot hillier - too, so it's a bit harder, even though it's a little shorter.

When is it?
The 2012 ride date is Sat 4 August 2012.

Who can do it?
Anyone that wants to. There'll be a wide range of different abilities, but anyone with a properly functioning bike, some decent lights and a decent level of fitness should be able to make it to the end... you might have to dig deep in the wee small hours on the climb up Blagdon Hill...

How long will it take?
About ten hours. Give or take a few hours.

Where does it leave from?
We start from Channing's Hotel, just half a mile from the bridge. You can get more details here:

It's got a nice big beer garden, so we won't be in the way too much. We aim to leave between 9pm and 10pm, but there'll be people there from 8pm onwards. It's usually a rolling start, with people heading off from 9pm onwards

Where does it end?
The ride will finish at the Harbour View cafe, Exmouth. there's a map here. It's open from 7am.

What's the route like?
We go across the Clifton suspension bridge and out into the great unlit beyond. It's mostly B roads and minor roads. There are some fairly major climbs to do along the way, but plenty of flat sections to recover on. The route avoids big towns. Some of the sections have uneven surfaces, these will be mentioned in the route notes and caution is advised, especially on descents. In total there's about 1,200m of climbing.

What if I break down? or my bike does?
The ride is unsupported and it's a condition of participation that you accept responsibility for your own safety and recovery should you be unable to complete the ride. This isn't a race or sportive, it's a turn-up-and-go group ride on public roads. There's no broom wagon to pick you up, and it's essential to carry a basic toolkit and familiarise yourself with simple repairs such as mending a puncture. If you break down, you should expect help from fellow riders. If you spot someone in trouble, we expect you to help them if you can.

If your legs really have given up the most obvious bail-out point is Taunton, after about 60 miles. We pass within 2.5 miles of the train station, and within the same range of the services at Taunton Deane on the M5 a few miles later (accessible from a back road). You could hang out there until your put-upon spouse/partner/friend shows up.

What kind of bike should I ride?
What kind of bike do you have? any well-maintained bike should be okay. Road bikes and mountain bikes will both be fine. We've had fixed/singlespeeds, recumbents and tandems too. If you're riding a mountain bike, we'd recommend you fit slick tyres and pump them up nice and hard, it'll probably save you an hour over riding on knobblies. If you're riding a road bike we'd recommend running at least a 25c tyre, as some surfaces on the route aren't great.

What kind of lights should I have?
At the very least, you should have a front light capable of lighting your way, and some kind of rear light. Take spare batteries. If the night is clear and the moon is full, you might not even need a front light to see your way for some sections. Groups normally form around the riders with the best lights!

Do I have to wear a helmet?
It's your head. Do what you like.

Are there food stops on the way?
The main tea stop is just after half way, at North Curry Pavillion. Hot drinks, snacks and hot food will be available. There is usually a roving tea van too.

Will there be food at the finish?
Yes, at the cafe. breakfasts and coffee will be available. The cafe is open from 6am.

How do I get home?
Arrange a lift from a loved one, or get the train. You could always ride back. There are no plans at the moment to lay on any transport back to Bristol. This is because it makes the ride easier to organise, keeps the numbers manageable and means we don't need to take any payment in advance for anything.

Event Website

HQ/Start Address
Address Line 1 Channings Hotel
Address Line 2 Pembroke Rd
Town Bristol
County Somerset
Postcode BS8 3BB
Event Facilities
Sign-on at HQ Sign-on at HQ

Support for Participants
Route card with emergency contact details Route card with emergency contact details

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