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Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool Bike Ride

07/07/2013 - Old Haymarket, Liverpool - Charity Ride

Rating: 38.9% based on 1 review - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 72.2% based on 3 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 38.889%

Greenfire wrote:

no signs or marshals on the 100 course at the turn off with the 50 a lost of people went the wrong way and some were sent the wrong way

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 86.667% wrote:

Entry and staff were excellent. Signs on challenge ride where poor, small blue and white signs, hardly visible with some only visible on passing which resulted in passing turns and having to turn back.
Small part of route over poor terrain and through a farm, which resulted in damage to my front tyre.

Rated Event: 75.556%

Sean.Lacey wrote:

A good event that needs a few minor changes as detailed in my review to make the longer route a better experience.

Rated Event: 54.444%

penray97 wrote:

Having taken part in a number of sportive over the last few years I think I know what offers value for money and what you expect as a minimum when signing up. I was disappointed with this one. The route was good and the novelty of cycling through the Mersey Tunnel at the start and finish was definitely a highlight. The weather turned out to be great. But signage on the 91 mile challenge route when it split off was poor (very small and hardly noticeable) At Chester when the route did split off I ended up (along with a lot of other people) at the start area for the Chester loop and had to go back on to the main road to join the route I should have been on. Thereafter the signage went down hill with quite a few people asking if we were all on the same route so we knew we were going in the right direction.The 'bridal path' was very overgrown and having branches in your face and large stinging nettles on your legs isn't enjoyable. Plus having to dismount everytime you came up to a gate wasn't great either - little things that should have been addressed before the event by the organisers and local authority.I tend not to stop on sportives unless I have to for water or something else but I was very surprised indeed to find I had to pay for the water at the stop I made which was on the return leg at Wirral Rugby Club - 91 miles on a bike and no free water - I know there is a hose pipe ban but some basics shouldn't have to be paid for and especially not water. The other item I would have expected given the distance and that the event was organised by Pennine Events was a timing chip. I enjoyed the event but having to pay for water, poor signage and no timing means I won't be back - I even travelled from Glasgow for this event, thankfully I have family to stay with in Liverpool otherwise I would have been pretty disappointed at the expense of the drive down and accommodation.

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