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Pedal for Scotland

08/09/2019 - Glasgow - Charity Ride

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Previous Years Rating: 14.4% based on 1 review

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Most people do the shorter version of this ride (challenge ride), and far fewer do the sportive (the Big Belter), which I suspect just isn't on the radar of the organisers as much as the other rides.
There are lots of problems, and each year they repeat the same issues as previous years. This year was the worst, and I just can't recommend that anyone does the sportive.

Usual stuff
The Route: Busy A roads, industrial estates, and roads in such a shocking state that you'd think twice about driving a car over them (potholes, farm detritus, and in some sections in the last 10 miles, no perceivable road surface - just a patchwork of holes and bumps).
Bad route planning too - e.g. lots of very tight turns on descents and high speed sections. Do road cyclists have a hand in planning this route?
Shocking state of road on entering Ingleston at end (washboard concrete road with gravel scattered about).
Terrible feed stations - very poor choice, and very little of it.
'Route Subject to Change' message posted on their website, even after the route is final and confirmed, and right up to the day of the ride.

New stuff for this year
No access to the event when official transport arrived at Glasgow Green (marshals hadn't opened it yet).
A 'goody-bag' that consisted of one leaflet and a bottle of water.
A feed station that required all the riders to take their shoes off before entering.
My favourite - this is now a bike ride that, wait for it, tells all the riders to get off their bikes before crossing the finishing line. A treat greeting riders at the end of 100 miles is being shouted at to 'get off your bike' as you approach the finish line.
'Sheep-dip', forcing riders to go through the event village at the end (on foot of course), closing alternative exits after the finish line.
Still waiting for my chip time (2 days after the event).
I've done this 3 times now, and I'll never do it again. Want to do a sportive in Scotland? Then do the Tour o the Borders, or Etape Caledonia or one of the many other well-organised, beautiful cycle rides Scotland has to offer.

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