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6 out of 10
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Ring of Fire

09/06/2013 - Dunstable, Bedfordshire - Sportive

Rating: 92.4% based on 20 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 96.7%

HannahTurner wrote:

It was well organised and signed posted. Thank you

Rated Event: 90.0%

JosephKeane wrote:

Great cause , Good route and distance, very friendly people , hope that becomes an annual fixture , will definitely ride it again.

Rated Event: 100.0%

chrispark wrote:

A very well organised event

Rated Event: 97.8%

DuncanNew wrote:

An excellent first attempt at this kind of event and hopefully not the last.

Rated Event: 90.0%

CliveWilkinson wrote:

Good event

Rated Event: 95.6%

PaulBaron wrote:

This was my first sportive after a period of a year cycling together with my partner. Although the weather was not as warm as it had been on previous days we still made our way to Dunstable to embark on the ride. From start to finish the event was well organised and the staff very friendly and supportive. We completed the fifty mile course and as a consequence did not stop at the feed stations as we had sufficient water and energy bars to get us round. That said the feed stations were appropriately situated. The course itself was a good challenge with the right balance of challenging hills and quiet picturesque roads. The signage and strategically placed marshals was superb. My only gripe was the roadworks that caused dirt on my new Bianchi bike tires(nothing the organisers could do about that and soon remedied at home with a good clean). A great day out and a real sense of achievement. The climax of the ride was the fantastic sponge cake at the end after managing the last climb (Bidwell Hill). Well done to the organisers for putting in the effort to make this event a enjoyable experience. Regards Paul Baron (Marcelle my partner in life and on the day has sent her own individual review)

Rated Event: 74.4%

JanePratt wrote:

Think the direction signs need to be made more noticeable on fluorescent backing and maybe wired up to an electric cable for anyone that tries to remove them!

Rated Event: 96.7%

MarcellePayne wrote:

This the first time I have taken part in an organised ride out. I was signed up by my partner and out of fear at the prospect of riding 50 miles I purposely did not view the route. I was very impressed with how professional, friendly and helpful the support was on the day. Along the route there was so much encouragement from other cyclists and marshals alike, which helped to spur you on. The signage was clear and adequately spaced, there was no chance of getting lost. This was borne out when the split came, it was clear to me where to continue on with the 50 mile route and not take the 75!! I was unable to score the feed stations adequately, as I choose to eat and drink enroute, but they appeared to be well spaced for the 50 mile route and were clearly marked. However, at the finish I did partake of the refreshments and I rate the victoria sandwich 10 out of 10!!
See you next year...only if you flatten some of those inclines!!

Rated Event: 91.1%

MarkHudson wrote:

Best route signage I have evr seen at an event
Loved everything about the ride. Needs more people ideally next year - it deserves it

Rated Event: 93.3%

JamesPedder wrote:

A good day, good testing course, well signed..friendly staff and a personal achievement for myself..well done

Rated Event: 92.2%

BrianRussell wrote:

A very good event. Well organised, and a great route. A donation box in each fire station for the charity would have gathered a bit more money.

Rated Event: 88.9%

BillyMcGill wrote:

Good ride and very enjoyable. Marking was good but at times the distance between the markers was long and therefore made you question if you were on the right route.

Cost was good and I would recommend the ride to others.

May be consider a 100 miler as an option next time????

Rated Event: 96.7%

StuartWilson wrote:

Really enjoyed the ride. Had problems in finding the 75 mile route at the split point but this was quickly resolved with a phone call. There were a couple of busy major roads on the course, which might be more of an issue with a larger event. Very impressed with the organization and planning. Particularly the temporary pathway that was installed at Steppingly roadworks.

Rated Event: 93.3%

timBirchall wrote:

Excellent organisation, signage exceptionally clear. Route was perfect, kind on the hills and very scenic.

can i suggest that if it is run next year you include the 25 miles that make up the 75 miles in the 50 mile route so that we get to see the other part of Bedfordshire. Perhaps start from Fire Service HQ.
First one i have ever done and keen to do another.

Rated Event: 83.3%

GregRataj wrote:

Excellent event, I thought the route map could possibly be more detailed, not being particularly familiar with the area if you were to get lost it may have been difficult to get back on the route, but the route marking was good.

One other thought might be the provision of intermediate timekeepeers at the rest stations, so riders get a better overall view of their ride. Sadly not owning a Garmin I haven't got access to lap times etc, bit would have liked to know how quick or slow I did the distances between rest spots.

Rated Event: 100.0%

ClairePowell wrote:

This was my first organised ride and the furthest distance that I have ever attempted in one ride. The organisers were very friendly and the facilities offered were perfect. There was free drinks and food available at the start and all stops on the route. The route itself was brilliantly signed and was cleverly designed, there were no busy roads or traffic to contend with. Every thing had been well thought out and, I for one, was very impressed with the management of the whole day. Well done to all of those involved!!

Rated Event: 95.6%

JohnFoolkes wrote:

A massive and heart felt thankyou to the organisers this was a well planned and executed event. Better than many larger organisations have put on !! I might have varied the route at the end to avoid coming in through Houghton Regis but otehrwise a lovely scenic and interesting ride. Very well done.

Rated Event: 100.0%

timpowell wrote:

very well organized event

Rated Event: 81.1%

TimClark wrote:

Very well organised and friendly event amazing for first sportive organised.
My only constructive ciritism is if the 50mile course could avoid as many junctions as it makes it a lot more stop start. I am not even sure if that is possible as I understand the requirement to cross the feed stations. Overall a very good sportive.

Rated Event: 91.1%

nathanjames wrote:

Very good well run event, small and personal. Good cause as well.

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