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Cycling Down Dementia South East

09/11/2019 - Lingfield, Kent - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 84.4% based on 1 review

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Tchurch wrote:

I've not seen so many punctures on a sportive as I have for this one! Might be something to do that where they kept the ride to the quiet country roads, and this in combination of the bad weather from the previous days the lanes were covered in soggy leaves, mud and stones washed onto the road, and lots of pot holes.... I might be in the minority in enjoying the technicality of this due to all the above.

The route however, though covers some great scenery through Kent.

Always find with the signage for Wiggle events that they don't always give enough warning before a turning is coming up. And that as the signs are quite small they can be hidden behind bushes, so if your not paying attention you can easily miss them.

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