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Prudential RideLondon 100 Sportive

10/08/2014 - London - Sportive

Rating: 91.5% based on 6 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 94.8% based on 17 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 84.444%

GrahamTwigg wrote:

felt the pro race should be before the main riders,as this won't cause organisers to worry about the main event holding up the pro race. Feel the number of riders should probably be scaled back a bit as the delays were a big problem this year.

Rated Event: 91.111%

AndyWebb1 wrote:

fantastic event, pleasure to ride through london traffic free. Signage from the drop off points to the start were very poor.

Rated Event: 86.667%


Its on closed roads through London, but apart from that nothing really to recommend it, and not something I would be interested in doing again.

Way to much pointless paper work and emails generated by the organisers. Its riding your bike on basically a flat course with or without the 2 missing "small hills" how much information do I need to do that, not that much.

I can get how for some people how its an amazing event, but I don't agree, which is probably a good thing as it would be very boring if we all liked the same thing.

Rated Event: 95.556%

Sorebones wrote:

Brilliantly run due to fantastic volunteers, given the numbers involved it is a remarkably smooth operation. Weather obviously a the issue for the 2014 event, loss of Leith Hill and Box Hill a real shame but an understandable decision.

Rated Event: 100.000%

Hicksi wrote:

Stunningly good organisation, a truly great event. It wouldn't affect my scoring but the amount of paperwork/emails is a bit overwhelming and the organisers could perhaps ask riders to stay on the LEFT to allow faster riders to pass. Small points.

Rated Event: 91.111%

Herbie wrote:

I got through without any incidents, though while we were soaking up the amazing reception in Dorking, some idiot decided to scoot on his bike from one side of the road to the other to see his family, and seven of us inc. a tandem had to do emergency braking in the wet just to avoid the grinning idiot, while all screaming blue murder! That could have been serious, and he probably wouldn't have come off too well even if he had survived the accident unscathed!!

It started raining after I had got to the start pen, and had taken off my cape, so put it back on, and there it stayed until about Wimbledon, when I thought I might as well get a finish line photo in the Shamley kit! The organisation of the waves and start lane colours was amazing in coping with 25,000 riders. The early route was superb in how it strung riders out, with the A12 section ideal for that, inc. the Blackwall Tunnel. Then you started getting landmarks and into the suburbs - the Olympic Park itself, the 'Pringle', St Paul's, London skyline, Canary Wharf, London Eye etc. Shame there was a crash in Richmond Park that slowed Andrew and I down, walking for quite a way to file past vehicles and the scene - hope the guy's OK! The etiquette was on the whole much better than I was expecting with such a range of riders, and it beat the last London-Brighton I did for that by miles. The crowds were amazing in Kingston, and many other places too, considering the weather, and many groups of charity supporters.

The rain was biblical in places, and just when you thought it was easing through Kingston to Weybridge it went mad again, with water pouring up out of manholes and motorcycle support riders marking places where manholes covers had actually been washed away. Byfleet to Pyrford and Newark was so familiar, with the bridge over the Wey all complete! Around Horsley/Newlands it eased a bit and I thought it might 'blow over', but that didn't last long. Fantastic to ride through Abinger Hammer and Wotton, Westcott and into Dorking, all with great crowds. Oxshott and Esher plus Scilly Isles were very wet again, but still lots of support, and felt sorry for those organising music, stalls, BBQ, parties etc. The railway bridge at Thames Ditton looked like the Thames had come to join the party, and was a foot deep in water. Back through Kingston again, right through the market was fantastic, and then as I was thinking the rise we were on was a nice warm up for Wimbledon Hill, someone said that was it - done - now to motor to the finish! Finally stopped raining about raining 4-5 miles from finish!

I saw just 2 guys from Woking CC that I knew on the ride, and no-one else. Feed stations/drink stops/hubs worked really well, although I only used 2 to refill a single bottle each time and used my own energy powder, but there seemed to be plenty of stuff and no queues plus they were well placed. Lots of punctures, plenty of dropped bottles due to the road surfaces, pairs of sunglasses lost from pockets or helmets as riders couldn't see with them on etc.

Finished at around 1pm, after the fast last iconic section from Putney along Embankment and then into Whitehall and up the Mall. Collected the impressive medal and then wandered into Green Park to the meet & greet 'S tree' and started to dry out in the sun. Andrew came along and we took it in turns to go for some food, and then Simon came in about 2:30. He went for some food, and 10 mins later the heavens opened and we were all soaked again! Bit later dried out a bit again, but decided to get on back to the hotel to collect my car.

One of the most challenging things was forgetting that in my pack of maps (hotel to start, start areas, route sheet etc. ) I did have the route from Green Park to Leyton - so without it, by guess work made my way across central London to Aldgate and knew the way to Mile End and Stratford from Uni days. Turned left to Olympic park and then retraced to hotel from the start. 14 wet and weary extra miles in all, but enjoyed the trip down memory lane - literally.

The hotel (Leyton Ibis Styles) we stayed in (Jon & Esther, Nick & Naomi, Dennis & I) was convenient for the start, and we had a nice meal in an Italian restaurant, which Jon said was 15 mins walk and was! The evening was so sunny and balmy it was hard to believe it would change the next day!

I had arrived at hotel at 2:15 for an earliest check in of 2pm, and all the 'first come first served' car spaces were gone already. So until 6:30pm I had to leave the car parked in a Drive Thru KFC opposite, and dash to the Excel by 20 min walk and tube/DLR, expecting car to be clamped when I got back. Met Andrew, Isobel and Simon at Excel where I had a late 4pm lunch, after hangover lay-in on the morning after brother Julian's wedding. Got back and car was OK. Went into hotel and changed for dinner, then moved car to outside hotel as it was OK after 6:30 and on Sundays.

It was a shame it was so wet, but that did make it more epic, and in a strange way I did enjoy it even out on the route at the time!

Out of around 24,000 starters 20,709 finished - which is not bad considering the conditions. At the start hearing that the route was shortened seemed disappointing and premature, but when it was teeming down along the A25 it seemed a good decision.

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 57.778%


Apart from the danger element, this is the fastest sportive course I have ridden and as long as the cowboys are marshalled it is a brilliant event!!

Rated Event: 96.667%

jeanmicheljacquinot wrote:

incredibly fast course, nearly all cornering super fast on mostly 2 lanes wide, and safer than I thought it would be for 20,000 riders! although it was dry, could be a lot different in the wet! Would definitely do it again, what a buzz!

Rated Event: 88.889%

jameshamilton wrote:

Great day - an unforgettable experience...

Rated Event: 85.556%

MikeBrown1 wrote:

A fantastic experience on closed roads.

Rated Event: 100.000%

josh78_c wrote:

This was a truly life changing event!

Rated Event: 97.778%

Rob wrote:

Great event even with the tedious need to register before at Excel. Very fast course and one for a PB. Well done to all the organisers and Boris. Hope to be there next year!!!!!

Rated Event: 96.667%


Very good welll run event, mile markers/food stations could have been clearer with so my riders it was very easy to miss them!!

Rated Event: 100.000%


A must for every rider!

Rated Event: 100.000%

razzledazzle007 wrote:

Wow what an event!! Perfect weather, location and course was as good as you will get with many iconic landmarks along the route. The atmosphere was like no other cycling event and to ride on closed roads has to be worth the effort for any cyclist regardless of standard. Leith and Box Hills were fantastic and the road surface all the way was superb. Well done London and thanks to all Londoner's who were out supporting the riders many of whom were raising money to help make a difference. This is what makes Britain Great!!

Rated Event: 98.889%

Brett Green wrote:

Fantastic opportunity to ride the Olympic route from 2012 on closed roads, superb atmosphere in London and the towns we passed through. Support and cheering throughout - definitely helped raise the profile of cycling firmly in the UK!

Rated Event: 97.778%

JonMcGhee wrote:

Great event, and great day. Would definitely ride again!

Rated Event: 100.000%


Outstanding, unbelievable, memerising, inspiring are words that do not do this justice.
For being run for the first time on a mind blowing scale was brilliant.
Agree with all comments so far.
Marshalls warning you at all points with whistles. Fast flowing course, missed breaking 5 hours by 36seconds but so happy.
Medal nice, results posted by 9pm last night and pictures also that are still filtering through.
Thanks to all Londoners and Surrey for let us use your closed roads for an awesome experience. Thank you Boris. Other sportives should note how to produce accurate data promptly. Just brilliant see you in 2014 as will buy a charity place to guarantee entry.

Rated Event: 95.556%

Bakers wrote:

Great ride and superbly organised giving the scale of the thing! I was one of the first to set off at 6.19 and left the start on the dot. The route was fast and flowing and brilliant support even that early in the morning. Feed and water stations were at regular intervals and nice touch of staff handing out gels around the 15 mile to go mark. I'm hoping they do a "good for age" rating like the marathon so I can get a guaranteed place next year!

Rated Event: 100.000%

MarkBarton wrote:

Great event & can't criticise one thing!!

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