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RideStaffs Mammoth Reliability Ride

10/02/2019 - Mammoth Lifestyle - Reliability Ride

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What is a reliability ride? (And what isn't it!)

While they have similarities to sportives, reliability rides differ in a number of important ways from sportive events you might have done with RIdeStaffs in the past.

The Roads

On our sportive rides we try to keep you on roads that are as quiet as possible, often using small lanes to take you to unexpected places. On a reliability ride, the roads tend to be larger, partly to facilitate riders desire to test their fitness and partly because we want to minimise the chance of an early season event being scuppered by icy roads.

Reliability refers to... And your bike.

So no feed stations, no mechanical support, no phoning HQ for a lift if you're tired.

This ride is for:

Riders who want to test where their fitness is at as we emerge from the dark days of winter having done some solid training through the winter. It doesn't mean you have to be quick, but you do need to know you're ready to tackle the challenge.

This ride isn't for:

Anyone who's not touched the bike since last summer and wonders if the fitness is magically still there. In short, it's not a ride to see if you can ride 60 miles, it's a ride for people who can ride 60 miles but want to benchmark how quickly they can do that.

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