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Richardsons Rumble - The 4 counties Challenge

10/03/2013 - St Ives, Cambridgeshire - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 81.8% based on 14 reviews

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Rated Event: 81.030%

pirateman wrote:

Did this ride in 2009. The main changes from 09 was the registration and the support for the local cafe at the end of the ride. The route was more or less the same and could be divided into 3. Run out to 1st feedstation in Stamford- flatish, Stamford to Corby - Lumpy, and Corby to St Ives - flatish. The ride was not that hard but it was made harder by the wind on the day. The signage was excellent with confirmation signs after every turn within 200m. It would have been difficult to go wrong!! The feedstations were well stocked with High5 gels and various energy bars and eats and all free. The only blip to the day was the start when the starter got his brief wrong so the 100milers had to wait untill sorted- not a big problem although we did want to get going!. Like 09 no timing chips but for the price I think an overall well run sportive early in the season. The free beans on toast and coffee at the end of the ride was good for local support and beats the hell out of a goody bag (on this occassion) Thank you to all involved.

Rated Event: 74.370%


I would like to thank all involved in the event as i personally struggled for the last 30 miles with an old war wound ! The course in hindsight lends itself to a "team" outing as it can be hard without company ,that said if i could limp round anybody could . Richardsons Cyles should be proud of their staffs, polite and helpful attitude in particular coming up with a little gem of a part i had been after for ages to no avail .

Rated Event: 78.810%


Great ride, hard work as it always seemed to be into the wind, and who put that great big hill in the way at Rockingham? Definitely do it again next year, and hopefully I'll be a bit fitter. Many thanks to all those I teamed up with who shared the wind cover with me, and many thanks to the organisers, top job!
A guy with a white Cambridge top came tearing past us near the Rockingham Raceway, then turned around to tell us we'd missed a turning. We followed his advice, and followed him up the side road and after a few miles realised he was wrong, he'd taken us back up to Gretton. We turned around, but never saw the Cambridge chap again, did he finish, or is he still riding around Leicestershire?

Rated Event: 66.600%

AndyJ wrote:

This was a very good event that gave the appearance of being organised by amateurs. To contradict that, the registration was straightforward and simple. The idea of issuing bag ties in place of cable ties worked well and should be replicated elsewhere just on cost.

The start started badly, the short course being set off before the long course, until it was pointed out that the reverse was published on the website, which was then translated into anybody can go with anybody, the best solution.

The course was good, I didn't suffer from the 'signage thieves' so found the course as intended but was obviously ahead of the pace as the Feed Station hadn't turned up as I went through, flattering but a little disappointing as supplies then had to be rationed. There was a lot of interesting sites along the way, I don't think the villagers knew what was about to descend on them as groups traversed their sleepy existence.

My Garmin clocked the finish finally at the 69.12 miles with only a slight detour caused by poor signage back in St Ives, a group of us ended back at Registration as the arrow directed and not at the Town Centre (an extra 400m and probably 3mins elapsed time). I wish organisers would at a least try to publicise accurately or be open with the real distance. At the end of 2hours battling head winds back to St Ives, looking for the finish around every corner but having to cover an extra 7 miles only leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but that could be the ditch water used for hydration when mine supply ran out.

But sating all of that, it was a good course, if you take the view that it was £17 and a lot less than others, it could be good value. I will know next year what I will be getting.

Now off to Oakham for the Rutland Tour.

Rated Event: 91.020%


great event ,but still awaiting times

Rated Event: 75.480%


Everyone at sign in asked the same question - where is the nearest toilet. With the facilities in the car park being locked it was down to the local cafe to oblige - which it did with a steady stream of "customers". Course wasn't especially challenging (apart from the wind) but easy to follow, and nice for that early season ride.

Rated Event: 85.470%


It was my first ever Sportive and I really enjoyed it. It was from my local town, and everyone was friendly, very well sign posted and the lady at the first feed stop was lovely and kind.

Overall it was not a major event, but I hope it continues and more people do it next year. A great day and a testing course, with some challenging hills for the south of the country. Count me in for next year !

Thanks to all for the organisation of the event.

Rated Event: 88.800%


Good event well sign posted. would have been nice to have toilets near the recommended parking or at least the ones there to be open. Have to say when I did find a public toilet it was the poshest one ive ever seen ;-)

Rated Event: 89.910%


Good early season event around my local roads. Wind not great but that not organisers fault! Very friendly. WIll ride next year.

Rated Event: 82.140%


For budget event, I.E.not advertised as a full Sportive, this was excellent. £15 bought chipped timing, 2 well stocked feed stops, a sign posted relitively challenging course, tea and beans on toast at the finish. I'm stuggling to know what else i need to enjoy a 100 mile ride, early season, in the country.

Rated Event: 86.580%

unknown wrote:

this event is very good, plenty of energy food and drink on offer, the route was nice, not to hard and not to easy, The wind made for a hard day in the saddle, It would have been nice if more riders had turned up, there must be more riders in cambridge who could take part. Overall a very good and well run event, good route, and good fun, and it was good to be the first one back!!

Rated Event: 83.250%

Oscar wrote:

Rated Event: 81.030%

pirateman wrote:

A well run friendly event which could have been better supported by more entrants. Feed stations were well stocked and High 5 gels and energy bars were on offer to all, free!! The overall mileage and climbing was higher than stated on the web (great) but it did catch a few people out. Loved the climb up Rockingham hill but outside that, no real struggle for an experienced sportive rider. I recommend this ride to anyone who is looking to have a go at a first sportive ride. A good event and, if run again, I will be there to support it. Oh! did it mention the goody bag? - excellent.

Rated Event: 81.030%

unknown wrote:

Extremely well run event, with a very good mixture of roads and contours, it would have been nice if timings didn't include stops as toilet facilities slowed things down a lot, 15 min wait at the first stop. Mechanics car was only seen by the front groups of riders, not the later ones.

But I will definitely be back next year and will whole heartedly recommend it to everyone, maybe next year it won't clash with the last stage of the TdF.

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