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7 out of 10
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Jodrell Bank Cyclosportive

12/03/2011 - Poynton, Cheshire - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 59.1% based on 40 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 43.3%

Lantern-rouge wrote:

Friendly organisers, nice route just right for the time of year, thats the good news. Now the bad, manual timing is not acceptable in this day and age for £25 entry fee. Goody bag may as well not have bothered, feed station if anyone thinks a cold hot cross bun is going to be of benefit they need to give up. The end of ride refreshments where a complete let down, pathetic hot dog in a dry roll! The organised should visit the February Rochdale Audax £5 entry and pie and peas at the end. Will not be back.

Rated Event: 61.1%

Stuart Wilkinson wrote:

Route was quite nice, but I didn't really get the point of heading for busy bramhall near the end. Signage mostly good except for one rogue one pointing the wrong way near the start. I saw several outriders/support vans, which was good - especially as I sadly saw a couple of falls.
Biggest downer was the lack of electronic timing, and better food at the end would be appreciated.

Rated Event: 64.4%

Nathan Franklin wrote:

First the good points: The route was a nice one for the time of year & the frequent changes of direction would have given regular respite from wind if that had been more of a problem. The way the 80 & 50 & 30 routes all shared part of the same routes and not only at the beginning was a good way to do it. Largely the signing was good enough too. Now the bad bits: MANUAL TIMING IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME and cannot be justified in this day and age for a £25 entry fee. I know it is not a race but part of the fun of being involved in a mass participation event for me is the ability to look at the timings afterwards and see how well (or badly!) i did. Without electronic timing 88 riders who were signed up in advance did not receive a timing. I cannot believe that all of these people did not turn up at the event after having paid the entry fee! Also i suspect that a number of riders did not do the route that they originally decided to. Therefore my own timing becomes less relevant and doesn't give me an indication of where i really finished in the field. ELECTRONIC TIMING IS THE ANSWER. I did enjoy the event but if it had been my first experience of a sportive i would have been put off. Fortunately my first experience of a Sportive was Richmond Cyclosportive in May of 2009 which was well organised and great value. I did it again in 2010 and i would recommend it to anyone. Anyway i think i've been honest and fair in these comments.......

Rated Event: 65.5%


I agree with much of the above comments, but the key ingredients were spot-on: Great course and near perfect signs. A paper route card would have been nice (I printed mine), but the map was very good and much better that the nasty electroinc versions that seem to be the trend at the moment. The cost was high for what you got - and I can take or leave electronic timing - manual timing is ok if well done/ well published at the end, and in some kind of order/ format that makes some sense. I do feel that in the abcsence of electronic timing that at least check-in points should be placed onn the route at key points. Overall I think the event was a good event, but with more attention to detail could be a GREAT event. We should thank the organisers though - the website was good in the main (but with no cantact details?), and hope that they continue with this Sportive, will be back next year!

Rated Event: 48.8%

Steve wrote:

The route was good, but was it vaule for money? 1 feed station half way, at 37 miles (on the 80Mile course), I expected more, Web site suggested there were feed stations(plural) Only saw marshals at start and end, Timing was done by taking your number at start and end and they got mine wrong! Goody bag was rubbish, a water bottle and a few energy gels, Meal at end was a thin hotdog and a cup of coffee... web site promised "preview video ride, google maps fly through video, event video" where? We were asked for our number when we arrived, what Number? it was on the web site ? I got two emails but nothing mentioned a number before arrival...! Staff were very friendly and company was good.. It's my first sportive and based on that would I enter another? unlikely!

Rated Event: 56.6%


It all went well for me but spoiled very much by my name and number being mixed up. The very least you can do for me is sort the mistake out and include my name and correct itme on your official results board. Thanks.

Rated Event: 84.4%

sirpeterj wrote:

This was my 12 year old daughters first sportive and as far as we are concerned everything was just right. OK to you old hands at sportives this might not have all the desired elements, but for us as a first sportive it was spot on.
Having come from a running background I have taken part in some really bad organised runs, and in comparison this one rates as good
Everyone both marshals and riders were very friendly, and I would like to thank the person who handed my saddle pack in to reception after I drove off with it on the boot of the car.
The weather was about perfect, the course had a few short testing climbs and the scenery was glorious.
Only down side was the so called meal at the end, a hot dog and a cup of tea, but the roll was so stale it was inedible, even the birds didn't want it.
All in all a great morning out. Incidentally, we did the 30 mile route and completed it in 2 hours 41 minutes, and that includes stops for a repair and at the feed station, not bad for a 12 year girl who hadn't ridden a road bike till last August.
We will definitely be back again next year and this has inspired us to try other sportives.

Rated Event: 74.4%


This was my first sportive and I started with a 30 miler as an introduction, route was very scenic riding through the country lanes, very nice properties. Roads weren't too bad with just a few nasty potholes. Company was great and met some great people all very pleasant and supportive. The signage started off well but i did feel it got worse towards the end to the point that i think i went wrong in last 2.5 miles, which i was absolutely gutted about and I really feel cheated now having not completed the correct route. My personal recommendation for next year would be to use different coloured arrows for the 3 different routes 30, 50 and 80 to avoid any confusion. My number was 213 but my time hasn't been registered on the website, even though my time on garmin was 1Hr 59. GUTTED!!!

Rated Event: 37.7%


Pre-event admin - poor: if a friend hadn't forwarded emails/briefings to me I wouldn't have received any. Website - poor: a free blogspot account without proper navigation. Goody bag - unimpressive. Post-event food - dismal: a hotdog(!) on a dried up bread roll with rehydrated onions and a dry hot-cross bun. Timing - manual, inaccurate, hit-and-miss (I was missed). Course - some nice quiet lanes but also too many stretches on busy urban roads at the back end. In summary - not worth bothering.

Rated Event: 38.9%


First, the positives. The course was quite well thought out and well signed. I never had any problems. It would have been better to have an additional loop in Peover area rather than the relatively busy area round Poynton.

The timing could have had an intermediate split though and electronic timing. Essential on the basis that not everyone's finishing time was recorded when it should have been. Also, mixing all times together on the website it just lazy! Using filters on excel is really easy! If they can't do it then they should pay someone who can.

The feeding station was quite poorly positioned and should have been better marshalled. Too many riders pissing about in the middle of the road acting randomly. Of course, acting sensibly is the responsibility of the riders but organisers should still be thinking about minimising risk. Getting a hotcross bun was literally a bun fight!

Advertising food at the end, but only providing the option of a hotdog is just rude! I'm a veggie and I was starving! It smacks of the organiser just looking to make money! This is fine to an extent, but penny pinching will do them no favours in the long term. I also advise them to use spellcheck when doing their documentation.

The mark I have given reflects the organisers penny pinching but I still enjoyed myself,

Rated Event: 57.7%


Marginally better HQ, lousy (and non-electronc - as promised) timing - mine was wrong - and results are meaningless - what happened to the excellent results last year, when one could compare one's time with others in the same age group?
Feed stations down from three to one (banana, gel or hot x bun) and no marshalls in sight - apart from one on the gate(and even he was talking to someone when I arrived back and saw me only as I passed throught the gate.
It all smacks of profiteering - how can we make more money out of the event?

Rated Event: 42.2%


Poor timing - I have not received a time. Confusing signage at the start. Poor feed stations. Non alphabetical ordering of names.

Overall a fairly poorly organised event therefore poor value for money and unlikely to take part again - saying that, I enjoyed my ride regardless of these failings.

Rated Event: 23.3%


I am amazed to find that instead of timing me, the results appear beside my name is DNS (did not start!!) that is what happens when you sit a kid with a pen and paper and give him the task of writing numbers and times on a sheet of paper.

I will ask for money back.

Never again, its a joke.

Rated Event: 50.0%


Poor food at end. Poor food stop. Signed very well.. Very disappointed that they did not even give me a time at the end and give me a DNF. Fortunately others at the club people actually cycled with me and KNOW that I finished. Where is the number to contact the orgnaisers. Will not do again. Much more impressed withe the Winter Sprinter the week before, with good food stops, chip timing and excellent food at the end, and alot of the same route.. Also very busy with traffic at the end part of the route.

Rated Event: 34.4%



Rated Event: 45.5%


I agree that there were some good points. The route was extremely well signposted and the 80 miler was a challenging ride, although I agree with some of the other bloggers that alternative quieter roads could have been found. I have ridden an audax ride round here before of a similar length with more rural roads. Nevertheless I enjoyed the actual route-it was tough and challenging and will stand me in good stead for the rest of the season
The timing was bad. It was a bit of a shocker to see this consisted of a man with a pen and a piece of paper. I didn't actually see him write down a time as I left. Only one feed station, closing at noon, on an 80 mile ride was not adequate. There seemed to be almost no helpers-just two blokes in hoodies who provided lacklustre parking direstions at the start and handed out food at the only food station.
The really annoying bit was not getting a time when I arrived back. OK I set out just after 9am and took 7 hours, but I still got back by 4pm and they'd all scarpered! I've e-mailed them my time but haven't heard back. As it appears from other posters here that the timing and post-event food were both rubbish, I obviously didn't miss anything.
I may consider doing this event next year but only if we receive reassurances about improvements in the facilities, timing, and general organisation.

Rated Event: 71.0%


Good signage,nice start to the season,did 80 miles route,timing was slightly out to my garmin but not bad really.worst part by a mile was the food at the end,took one bite and left rest as well as spitting bite back out,lasagne,pasta rehaps next time??
will be back next year though to see if foods improved!!

Rated Event: 56.6%


II found that the 50 and 80 mile signs were together and confusing when you're traveling at 20 mph+ they needed to be different colors, at one stage I joined the 80 mile route. Didn't bother with the food station at 25 miles, and where were the marshals didn't see one. Liked the ride but wouldn't do it next year, needs more managing especially when it costs £25.

Rated Event: 27.8%


One feed station on an 80 mile route is not a problem for me as stopping proves disastrous! The signage was at best confusing, different colours would be ideal for the various routes. The facilities at HQ were very good, though the showers were cold! The excuse given by the staff at the sports centre was lame to say the least!
I didnt see the support wagon or any outriders, and I found the lack of marshals on the course to be outrageous. The guys who manned the gate at the entrance were both friendly and professional, indeed protecting riders from the attentions of an unruly boy racer!
I found the route to be generally excellent, though the use of main roads on a Saturday morning/afternoon I consider to be unwise.
I sadly would not recomend this event in its current format. It is massively overpriced and would be far better staged on a Sunday given the use of main roads and the crossing of busy junctions.
If you have showers make them warm, reduce the price to £15, improve the catering, use electronic timing and I'll be back next year!

Rated Event: 77.7%


A very freindly event with a great route around the quiet lanes of Cheshire.

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