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7 out of 10
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Jodrell Bank Cyclosportive

12/03/2011 - Poynton, Cheshire - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 59.1% based on 40 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 59.9%


This was a well organised event ( or so it seemed ) which I enjoyed a lot. I had no particular issues with the course, which i thought was well marked apart from one turn where the 50 mile and 80 mile riders had to split. The signage was confusing and not in a conspicuous spot. It was only by luck that I noticed the split and informed my fellow riders of same. I enjoyed the day overall so imagine my chagrin when I checked for my posted time and found that someone else's name had been allocated to my number, along with a completely different time to the one I thought I posted. I can only attribute this to manual timing so would ask the organisers to utilise electronic timing for next year's event. When you are looking to improve your times over a pre-selected course and distance and are disadvantaged by poor timing systems then why bother?

Rated Event: 54.4%

Cumbriancyclist wrote:

Well thought out route, ideal for early season leg-stretcher, and at 80 miles a nice distance. The route was easy to follow too, well signed. Sadly, the event was let down by some poor aspects, notably the lack of toilet facilities, poor car-parking facilities (a marshall would have helped rather than the chaotic free-for-all), the total lack of food at feed stations when we arrived and the fact that the caterers had packed up by the time we arrived back. I do feel that everyone should get the same facilities for their £25, not just first-come-first-served. Please learn from this

Rated Event: 77.7%

saintjohn wrote:

Well organised event. Clearly signposted except for the point where routes split, wasn't clear which route went where. No free food at the finish and very small goody bag made it a bit expensive for a shorter sportive.

Rated Event: 51.1%


My first sportive. It was oK, a few bits to moan about, same points as other riders really! No defining of routes, which was a shame, but if you were on the long route, then it was well signposted! It Was ok, best i can come up with.

Rated Event: 76.6%


Good early season run,very enjoyable.Shame about the lack of toilets, 1 really not enough,counted another two with out of order stickers??and think no milk available for tea and coffee not on really.But nit-picking really.

Rated Event: 35.5%


A totally abysmal sportive. inadequate parking, dirty overflowing toilets, queuing 15 mins to sign on with only 8 people in front of me, signposts missing so we got lost, lack of options on the feedstop by the time we got there. Not even a free drink of tea at the end of it never mind being charged for £4 for a drink and very small curry.
Getting called a thief and verbally insulted by the organiser on another website where I constructively voiced my displeasure of the organisation.

£25 for the biggest ripoff I've ever ridden

Rated Event: 65.5%


Poor toilet facility at start [flooded]
Very limited food at feed stops.
1st feed stop was 47 miles into the 80 mile route - too far.
No food at finish for slower riders - our time was 5 1/2 hours not the quickest & not the slowest but in need of food at the finish.

Friendly welcome, good signs along the route, Sportident timing was good & the GPS download worked well.

Rated Event: 81.0%


Rated Event: 69.9%


I thought it was a really good season opener. I did the 50 mile and had no problems. The route was one of the best signposted routes I've competed on. I would say that perhaps marshalls on big junctions/big key turning points would have been good and perhaps better organisation in the car park.

Rated Event: 68.8%


nice rolling start to the season not too difficult
loads of free energy products
timing points

as with many sportives, only one or two toilets catering for several hundred blokes - they really need to start hiring a few portaloos!
choice of food at stops limited - i.e. only gels at the last one
first foodstop was at over 40 miles on the 80 mile route!

Rated Event: 56.6%


Rated Event: 78.8%


had a good day no ice or snow + it was dry. parking was a bit chaotic and muddy .will be back

Rated Event: 73.3%

a9350058 wrote:

Agree with other riders comments
Car parking could have been better organised
Feed stations had little left by the time we arrived and at 45 miles the first one was perhaps further into the ride for the 80 milers than ideal
Catering at the finish had run out of food
Well signed, good route and would ride again but perhaps set off early rather than late

Rated Event: 64.4%


Rated Event: 68.8%


My first ever sportive and I did enjoy the 30 mile ride. The facilities were not brilliant and a cup of tea included in my fee would have been nice, but apart from that the roads, signage and countryside were pretty good. I will pencil it in for next year.

Rated Event: 89.9%


superb day well organised will be back next year .

Rated Event: 66.6%

Rob F wrote:

Good season opener. Start/Finish facilities a little poor with flooded toilets and no brew/butty included in price, and if I ever get another free water bottle......! Apart from that a good day out.

Rated Event: 36.6%


A lot of people including myself missed the 1st check point. It was not clearly displayed. I thought the route was very poor. To many juctions and traffic lights to cross. And for £25 you at least expect a free cup of tea and a nibble when you finish. Apart from that the ride was ok.

Rated Event: 38.9%


Rated Event: 88.8% wrote:

Excellent and very friendly ride, apart from one, (presumably removed), sign at Alderley edge the course was well marked. Only slight gripe was the start, too many cars moving & parked too close to the start poistion meant the getaway was a bit erratic. Looking forward to next year already.

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