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8 out of 10
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The Hampshire Hilly Hundred

12/05/2013 - Sparsholt College, Sparsholt, Hampshire - Sportive

Rating: 97.0% based on 3 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 87.2% based on 16 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 98.889%

JulianStow wrote:

First time I've ridden this event and it was very hard to fault. Really well stocked feed stations which, if I was being picky, I might have shuffled up the route slightly ... ie made 2nd and 3rd stops a little earlier in the programme because the section between stops 1 and 2 is tough and I was definitely fading as I rolled into feed number 2! Staff were faultlessly efficient and friendly - no delays at any point in the day and the route planning looks to have evolved to the point of perfect. Yes you have stop at a fair few junctions but it's hardly surprising considering how much of the route is on quiet country lanes ... you have to cross the main roads sooner or later!

Rated Event: 92.222%

DavePilkington wrote:

Good course, although I missed the smooth road climb to the top of Old Winchester hill of previous years. I liked the timing matt at the join between the long and midi routes, although the split 1 times confused me in the results until I worked out how it was done. Maybe this could have been made clearer as I was not sure if and feedstation stops were needed for timeing.

Rated Event: 100.000%

TomNicholson wrote:

This is my 4th entry & I think it was the best route so far: enough challenging hills with plenty of time to get into a good rhythm & rest the legs in between. Staff as always really helpful. sign-in took about 1 minute (at 7am) & set off in the first group. If any comment, I would say the 3rd feed stop was too late but we weren't planning on using it anyway! My group had a great day out & thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again to all involved. I certainly got my moneys worth!!

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 86.580%


Great signage for the entire 100 miles, other than one late sign at one junction - struggle to understand how anyone could struggle with route-finding. Awesome, scenic route and liked the new bits avoiding the centres of Shawford, Alresford and one other town. Hills were in the main pretty gradual, but then I have been used to the Chilterns! Only low point is the complete lack of atmosphere at the finish; twas the same last year and might put some people off returning. Not me; I loved it!

Rated Event: 78.810%


My rating is lower this year due to signage and cost and the route. I don't know if it's true or not, but it seems that the signage was not as good, particularly at the beginning where my group missed several turns and at around half way after passing over the M3 where the signage was confusing. Pretty poor value at £25 with just water and energy drink and a cuppa at the end. And I'm souring on this route as compared to other sportives (eg White Horse, Southern Sportive). The scenery is nice but there are so many intersections and turns and stops that it is tough to get any rhythm. Probably my last entry.

Rated Event: 92.130%


Excellent course. Signing in process could have been quicker.

Rated Event: 89.910%


Really good event and was my first long training ride in preparation for the Marmotte. Weather was cold all day but didn't rain and none of this spoiled the great organisation and really friendly marshalls who, all in all, made the day really excellent. Would definately ride this again and hope for a bit of sun.

Rated Event: 88.800%


long fast decent at the end of mare lane give way stop lines scrubbed out from road surface,some riders over shot junction. serious accident could occur.

Rated Event: 91.020%


Rated Event: 95.460%

Matt Smith wrote:

Extremely well organised and great grub!

Rated Event: 93.240%


Excellent event. Super well-organised. Route very well sign posted, lots of volunteers at key intersections and efficient and well stocked feed stops. Really top organisation and beautiful countryisde. There was bit of a wait at sign on but a few minutes later all was cleared up. Challenging but not over the top route. Quite a lot of turns on the route so hard to get a good rhythm but, again, cancelled out by beauty of countryside.

Rated Event: 93.240%


Great ride. Very little traffic. I have to concur on the sometimes hard to see signs, the early unmarked dangerous crossing and the inadequate warning for the badly pot-holed road after 99 miles - 'caution cyclists' means nothing. But I had a great day and I'll be back next year

Rated Event: 96.570%


Brilliant evernt. One of my fave rides so far. Route was well thought out though I'm not sure there were enough hills....... Really well organised with the feed stations exactly where you'd want them. Signage in some places was a little tricky due to some of the signs hiding in bushes, but can't really complain. Only slight grumble was the mountain bike section just before the finish! Would have been good to have had some forwarning it was coming up as I nearly came off - but assume that'll all be fixed by next year. And on that note - will definitely be coming back next year - as long as the sun is still shining.....

Rated Event: 85.470%


great event and well run,i had no problems with the parking as i was there early.i will definitely ride again.i have one complaint,you may have guessed it,the potholes at the end,how i stayed on the bike i,ll never know.

Rated Event: 92.130%


Whoever arranged the almost perfect weather on the day needs congratulating. Also the course design. Beautiful countryside, challenging hills and most of the time, not a car in sight. The registration was vey efficient. The organisers and volunteers at feedstations need bit pat on the back and gratitude.Thanks

Rated Event: 85.470%


Only grumble was the parking marshalling at the beginning. They knew how many people were coming and yet there was a car park closed off. Route was nice and quiet with little traffic. The pothole section of pave just before the end should have been avoided.

Rated Event: 81.030%


Needed some signs to direct you to the college from the Pitt direction & in the village. Saw lots of people overshooting. The parking appeared to be 'marshalled' by two lads? Overly time consuming and probably delayed a lot of starts. The start was not clearly identified so you got a lot of riders coming to register crossing the path of starters. Needed some Marshalls out on the route, especially at the dangerous junctions. A couple of 'danger' signs might have helped identify such junctions. Many of the signs were poorly placed: only on the turn itself and not beforehand, lots of brake screeching. The sign 'Caution Cyclists' usually means watch out for cyclists not 'Watch out cyclists, around the bend the road suddenly turns into a huge pothole, which'll have you off if you're going faster than a 6 yr old on a scooter".

However, I loved it, thanks for fixing the weather, and definitely going again next year.

Rated Event: 63.270%


Good route, helped by good weather. Need more signs in some places where asudden turns, and also near the finish where the road to the college was falling apart.

Not much atmosphere at finish, a certificate or similar would be nice.

Very poor car park arrangements, car park was full and chaotic, with no marshals in the car park itself to stop more cars entering.

Dibber person should have been wearing a tabbard.

Rated Event: 82.140%

unknown wrote:

Great event. Could've done with more hazard/warning signs, specifically after around 15 miles where the group ran straight through a junction as we couldn't stop in time. Cue many locked wheels and lucky no-one came off. Also on the run in to the college where it all went a bit MTB through the potholes. Apart from that the event was well organised, and everyone was friendly. Recommended for next year, and weather made it extra nice.

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