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7 out of 10
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Thames Valley Classic Longest Day Sportive

13/04/2013 - Eton College Rowing Lake, Windsor - Sportive

Rating: 95.6% based on 1 review - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 69.8% based on 11 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 95.556%

terryj wrote:

the only bad thing was a puncture but cant blame the organisers for that one the event was well organised staff friendly and after race bacon sausage and egg felt well earned a great day out

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 64.444%

ukjmr wrote:

No water at feed stations until 95 miles in...

Rated Event: 98.889%

StuH wrote:

Fantastic event. Well organised. I ride around the Chilterns a lot, but I discovered a whole load of excellent new roads on this Sportive. Some great climbs on very quiet roads. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

Rated Event: 60.000%

MattCollins wrote:

It's interesting that only one other person so far has noticed that the 180km was actually only 165km, so NOT an iron man distance??
The food stops ran out of water (the most essential part of any stop) so I had to stop at a shop to buy some, not something I expect to have to do when I paid £32 enrty fee.
And the water that was the was in silly little bottles so you had to mess around filling up your water bottle with 4 of them.
I have ridden on a lot better sportives with much better food stops and free food,tea and coffee for less money.

Rated Event: 41.111%

JasonAllen wrote:

Never again i will do this ride. The 180km -112miles that was 102miles. The 1st feed stop was also the last which ran out of water. The water was in small bottles which you had to take out of the pack of 6 yourself with the helpers just standing there watching. Not much food and no energy drinks. This is not worth the £30.

Rated Event: 82.222%

KarenAnne wrote:

This was the first cycling event i had ever taken part in, and as a female was looking for something in the local area to take part in, that was not too far and take me on roads i would not usually use.
Well organised, great weather last year, which really helped and getting entered for 2012.

Rated Event: 80.000%

TriBigM1 wrote:

I think most people that ride sportives on a regular basis know that there are about 5 different methods of following the course - one being the arrows, but in case you miss them or they get taken down, which is inherent with all sportives, you can down load files or follow route cards.
These events are not secondary to the triathlons, as in fact many of us come from a competitive cycling background and know what we are doing.
Hopefully anyone seeing low comments can focus on the positives and look forward to more successful events in 2012.
Don't forget - if you are going on a long ride, there is only so much food that organisers can provide. Gels are 99% of what participants in events need - including marathons, triathlons and swims. If there is something specific, please bring this with you, as what we state in the event briefings is what is available, plus of course you can purchase food at the event and en route as well.
Happy Training and look forward to seeing many more for 2012.

Rated Event: 40.000%

Barloworld wrote:

This company more used to triathlons, the sportive was just a sideshow. Worst signage I've ever experienced on a sportive, Food was just a few gels from the back of a car. Rode another of this company's event which was not a lot better,

Rated Event: 79.920%


Overall a very enjoyable day with few ups and downs, not just the hills !! Apart from a lack of 'basic' foodstuffs at the feed stations (bananas, fig rolls, cheese/ham rolls would have been perfect) and a few signs missing, it was a great day covering a stunning route away from busy main roads. To the BMC guy above I was on the Dogma; great teamwork, especially in those latter stages......I thought i lost you up the 32%er!! (Not sure how many riders appreciate sharp vertical climbs....!)

Rated Event: 63.270%


Rated Event: 71.040%

JenniferT wrote:

Weather was great, route and scenery were nice, and the organisers/marshalls were very friendly. I know some of the signs got nicked but there just weren't enough of them fulll stop, with no repeaters either, and as only 90 people did the 180km route a lot of the time you were left on your own just hoping you were on the right route. The route card was 8 sheets long - no way I was printing that out and taking it with me. There was also too much wiggling around and retracing bits, and no differentiation between signs for the 90/180km. Having said that it was a lovely day out on the bike and with great signage and bananas at the food stops it would be have been brilliant! (blog here

Rated Event: 86.580%


Excellent day out, well organised, great route, harder than advertised I think. The start and finish venue was great and the weather was brilliant! Hats off to the chap who gave the brief at the start and welcoming us back in at the end, his enthusiasm was good to see. Thanks also to the guy on the Dogma who I cycled the last 50 miles with, I was on the BMC.

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