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7 out of 10
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The Macc Monster - Cycle Sportive

13/04/2013 - Peak District around the Macclesfield area - Sportive

Rating: 38.1% based on 3 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 89.6% based on 3 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 43.333%

ironmanpete wrote:

This could be a great event and might be next year but sadly it was ruined this year. The route on the web was the one used last year - that would be fine if it hadn't been changed. I think the new route would be better and indeed excellent if it could be found. Fortunately I had local knowledge to give in finding the route and set off direct for the Rudyard feed station. Signs were missing at key junctions or were not visible. It needs 2 signs at junctions where you are moving fast - a 50m warning one and one at the junction. It is also just daft to have a different route on the web. There are probably still people wandering around Mow Cop as I type! It won't take much to make this a great event but this time it wasn't.

Rated Event: 42.222%

KevTurner wrote:

This could have been a superb sportive if there had been better signage and route access on the website. We missed a sign heading towards Congleton and ended up in Congleton. I remember seeing on the route page on the website that Mow Cop was a featured climb so headed off in that direction passing many other cyclists travelling in all directions who were equally as perplexed and lost !! Having then gone to the top of Mow Cop we then headed towards Lask Edge which was also a featured climb hoping to pick up some signs. We finally picked up the route but too late for the food station. We eventually completed the route but ended up getting back to a deserted base ! Our eventual route was 77 miles with almost 8000' of ascent !! We did however still enjoy a great days cycling even though the last 2 unnecessary hours were in driving rain strong winds and clag ( many others didn't ) . Come on guys , you need to do better than this to make this event successful.

Rated Event: 28.889%

philcheek wrote:

A shambles.Website described a route & we set off in completely the opposite direction(apparently describing last years completely different route)2nd junction no sign guessed right.2hours in no sign,guessed wrong & after another few miles group stop at Tjunction to consider.Rider who has downloaded this years route says no good looking at that cos it bears no relation to the signed route.Using local knowledge navigate in direction of foodstop(hoping it`s where we expect it).Having covered a lot of miles decide to ride home while I know where I am.How people think they have the right to charge good money & completely fail to put on an event I do not know.They took £5k plus & could have solved this by spending £30 on the petrol to drive round 30 minutes ahead checking & replacing signs.also 2 signs per junction not 1 & a printed route description.maximising the revenue for charity is one thing,leaving folk scattered around the country is another.Not yet spoken to or heard of anyone who completed the route.My first sportiveafter years of running,triathlon & trailquest...what a shocker

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 83.333% wrote:

Great friendly ride on an awesome route through the peaks. A real Monster. Good to see reasonal entry fee, all the money going to charity and yet great feedstops with real food and cups of tea. Will be back next year!

Rated Event: 95.556% wrote:

Fantastic route & course, easy sign on, nothing fancy but clear & concise. Manual timing but there is nothing wrong with that,99% of us use the time on our speedo's anyway.The route markers are excellent,instead of arrows a L or R is preferred which takes out any confusion if an arrow is turned, only one place was an arrow poorly positioned, bottom of a hill it was partially hidden until you were on top it,other side of road would have been better. The course was outstanding and well thought out. 7500ft in 61 miles, perfect :) Would definitely recommend!!

Rated Event: 89.910%


Thank you to the organisers for a fantastic day out. The only downer for me was the wind which made it quite demanding especially up that road passing the mermaid pub. I was going backwards at one point and had no choice but to walk a100 yards or so. Some of the other cyclists made it and well done to them all. I knew it was a challenge when the guy in front also had to stop because his chain snapped. The rest of the course was challenging and as advertised took us through some of the loveliest countryside around. I was very impressed by the feed station. That brew was very welcome and along with the soreen malt loaf and other goodies I was able to re fuel and carry on. Signage was clear but I noticed one or two people missing vital turns due to the wind bending some signs in half but that couldn't be helped. As it was billed as not being a race can't mark the timing down as a negative.Website was alittle blip as wasn't sure my details had been taken once entered as they seemed to overlay the field detail. A profile of the route would have been good considering it was advertised as being available. Overall though very impressed with the organisation,the course and friendliness of the marshalls and I will be back next year to try and get up that hill.

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