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Wiggle New Forest Spring Sportive (Saturday)

14/04/2012 - New Forest - Sportive

Rating: 96.0% based on 14 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 97.8%

AlexGregory wrote:

I did the MTB Epic course, this was my first ever bike event (I'm a runner) and I absolutely loved it. I felt that it was well organised from the parking stewards and registration staff to starters and finishers with great signposting and feed stations in between, if it hadn't been for the lure of flapjack we would have made it in a gold time but they were worth it!
The only bits I've scored a bit lower were because of the busy roads but I guess this is unavoidable and on course stewards or outriders because we didn't see any but this didn't detract from the experience. It was a nasty day but that added to the fun in my opinion, getting covered in mud is part of the deal on a mountain bike isn't it?
I will definately do a Wiggle event again, probably the Autumn MTB one and I might have a bash at a road one aswell if I'm feeling brave.
Great stuff, well done.

Rated Event: 97.8%

GrahamRatcliffe wrote:

Thoroughly enjoyable ride!

Rated Event: 92.2%

andyjenkins wrote:

Although this event page seems to be aimed at the road sportive, there was also a mountain bike route which I did on this occasions. The facilites at the start and end however were the same so I am rating here. Overall a very good event, well organised, friendly, good route markings, great feed stops (the MTB ones were well spaced). My only critisism is that the event was supposed to open at 0715, we arrived just after this, literally 2 or 3 minutes, yet the car park was nearly full so I suspect the gates opened sooner. Toilets were a little thin on the ground, at least the marked ones which meant a 10 minute queue, nothing unusual to every other sportive I have ever done but still a little frustrating. Again, a good even, the MTB route was fantastic through the forest, the weather was wet and cold but it didnt bother me in the slightest. Would definately ride this again and will probably do the road course in the autumn.

Rated Event: 98.9%


Fantastic event with a great event centre and well signposted route. I thought the feed stations were perfect and there were toilets at the second station. It's the best sportive I've done and thanks to all the very friendly volunteers who were at the event centre and the feed stations.

Rated Event: 100.0%

RichardScott wrote:

As usual an excellent and well organised event...u boys rock !!

Rated Event: 95.6%

PeterHolgate wrote:

My only critisism was that some of the roads were busier with cars faster and closer than the end of summer 100 mile route. I had my son and his friends riding the 50 mile route and there were moments of concern for them.

Rated Event: 95.6%

novac1981 wrote:

There were a few of the moorland sections seemed like they could feel pretty lonely cycling on your own, however as a lone rider I managed to cycle with someone else during these sections. There were a few killer hills in the first 40 miles, real leg tremblers, makes me glad I'm from Scotland and all my training routes have steep hills on them.

Really good fun, I was broken on the Sunday though.

Rated Event: 87.8%

JenniferT wrote:

Nice well-organised event, shame about the miserable weather. Agree first food stop seemed a little late, and would have been nice if there were toilet facilities too.

Rated Event: 100.0%

netclectic wrote:

I didn't use the feed stations but there seemed to be plenty of them and thankfully I didn't need the Sag Wagon. All-in-all an excellent event, although you'll need to try harder with the weather for next year. I get enough of that cold, wind and rain up here in Scotland already!

Rated Event: 91.1%

Vélodan68 wrote:

Really enjoyed the ride. The route was great and I will definitely give it a crack next year.

Rated Event: 93.3%

BarryJeeves wrote:

My first Wiggle event and I was very pleased. An excellent event, well organised. The only small negative for me was that the first feed stop could have been a little earlier.

I also found the entry a little confusing as I was not expecting to be redirected to Wiggle and some of the steps were not that clear.

Rated Event: 94.4%

SeonaidBaird wrote:

Wet and windy day but a great course and very well sign posted. Only complaint would be that 34.5 miles seemed a bit too far for the first feed stop on a 57 mile route. Was out of water a while before that.

Rated Event: 98.9%

victoriaruffle wrote:

good race, would definitely do it again!

Rated Event: 100.0%

NickBrown wrote:

Excellent work by UK Cycling Events as ever.

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