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6 out of 10
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Taunton Flyer Sportive 2016

14/05/2016 - Taunton Racecourse - Sportive

Rating: 88.8% based on 11 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 90.3% based on 55 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 74.444%

Johnny Dee wrote:

It's good. I have great time here. I 'll take part in frequently next time.

Rated Event: 95.556%

PaulTullock wrote:

Really enjoyable sportive, very well organised. When the road was closed by highways it was managed effectively - I wouldn't have known any different. Thought maybe there might be scope for mechanics at the feed stops as I've seen at other sportives. Maybe just the chance to buy an inner tube (if needed).
Overall I've recommended it to some friends and will check my diary for next years event.

Rated Event: 96.667%

judyandTimbaker wrote:

fantastic event all round. weather was fair too, so thanks for sorting that!!

2 tiny tiny comments. the gantry was the wrong way round! LOL!!! and a bar would have been nice. felt i deserved a cold half, but probably better that I didn't!!
Nasty hills! - i only came coz i thought it was going to be flat!! shall train more next year1

Rated Event: 92.222%

NickMott wrote:

Really really enjoyed it - super Wellington route, thoughtfully put together with the airfield theme and the display at Smeatharpe (and the Spitfire) and well stocked feed stations with friendly people. Not even the unexpected road closure could dent my enthusiasm - thank you to all

Rated Event: 85.556%

JamesBaldock wrote:

This was the first time I'd ridden this event. I thought it was excellent and the way the organisers dealt with a last minute road closure was very well handled. I think the Medal timings, especially for the Dakota route, were a little bit harsh but I was just happy to finish and get a medal. The route signing was very good apart from there was supposed to be a "bail out" option, which although I didn't want, I didn't see any signs for it. I loved the feed station at Upottery. It was well located and all the staff in WW2 uniforms made it feel special. I will definately ride this again!

Rated Event: 96.667%

beh wrote:

Excellent well organized and friendly event. This was my 3rd year of attending and each year has been without fault. Great challenging climb with generally flat roads. Well signposted, detour this year due to road works was unfortunate but we managed to get back on route and a time adjustment was made for medals too. Well done - see you next year.

Rated Event: 80.000%

FuadAlTawil wrote:

very good route, well organised, hope to go again with more riders.

Rated Event: 93.333%

MichaelBrunton1 wrote:

Rode this for the second year (although shorter spitfire distance this year) and loved it as per last year. The only issue this year was the unexpected road closure. Appreciate this was out of control of the organisers but this could of been highlighted a bit better during the safety briefing. Also as a result the route was 1.2 miles longer yet the medal standards were not changed during the day. Only subsequently checking the times have I been awarded a silver yet was only issued a bronze on the day. Other than that it was a great ride which I would highly recommend.

Rated Event: 95.556%

MarkNowak wrote:


At the start the choice of breakfast could have been better/more suited to a cyclists stomach. a massive pot of porridge with additional extras ( dates, honey, banana, etc) would have been great, ended up eating to rashers of bacon before the start- not ideal.
The route was brilliant and very testing, nice mix of little lanes and faster roads. Great route and will go again. thank you .

Rated Event: 80.000%

PaulWoolgar wrote:

It's a really good event. I didn't really see the food on offer at the feed station, as I was just after a drink, but the reports I've heard have been great. I'll probably do it again next year but, if I'm honest, the hold up at the feed stop put a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Oh well!

Rated Event: 86.667%

SimonTutty wrote:

Rode the Wellington, 111 mile, route. It's a well designed challenging route that had a bit of everything - ups, downs and flat bits too and is a great introduction to the huge variety of terrain that Devon and Somerset have to offer. Quiet roads mostly and a brilliant bunch of people at the feed stops, including a quite surreal stop at Upottery! One really, really tough climb that had lots of grown men sobbing as they walked up a criminally steep hill near Awliscombe (me included!).

Would definitely ride this again, if only to spend 9 (9!) minutes less at the stops and get a Silver medal! Overall a great day out and lovely tee shirt.

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 90.000%

PhilippaGoffe wrote:

Very friendly and well supported event. The route was nice - apart from that horrible hill which quickly identified my under-training! The starting point was easy to get to, plenty of facilities and an excellent supply of food, nutrition and liquids was supplied at start and finish and at the half way point. It was my first Sportive and it was nice to have the friendly team to encourage me. I look forward to joining you next year!

Rated Event: 96.667%

JohnMilton wrote:

Great event, loads of fun, will definitely be taking part next year.

Rated Event: 90.000%

AlexStevens wrote:

Overall, really good fun on a good course

Rated Event: 100.000%

JeremyStJohn wrote:

A brilliant route. Good element of challenge. Excellent weather. Great ride experience in a fast group. Thanks

Rated Event: 100.000%

leonardSTYLES wrote:

Thank you all. May you never Falter. We will bring the rest of our crew next year
and they won't be kicking and screaming now that we have told them what a great event you put on.

Rated Event: 97.778%

MattLochhead wrote:

My first ever sportive, so have nothing to compare it to - but all in all was a fantastic day.
The route was impeccably l signposted - would've been almost impossible to get lost. Although I didn't stop at the feed stop, after seeing the pictures posted after the event of the sheer assortment of tasty things on off, I wish I did! The marshals were helpful and encouraging. In fact the atmosphere in general was very friendly and not at all daunting for a first timer like myself. Timing system was really good, with a print-off being available immediately after the finish detailing your time and provisional place. Finishers t-shirt and medal relating to your time classification were nice rewards at the end. I did the longer Dakota route and very much enjoyed it - a few challenging climbs (one in particular came after 42 miles and was brutal) but there was also plenty of time to get a some speed and a decent tempo going - a nice balance. The vast majority of the roads were pretty quiet too. I would definitely recommend the event and would like to come back next year especially if there is a longer route! Many thanks to all the organisers

Rated Event: 88.889%

LindaThomas wrote:

Lovely route through fabulous countryside.

Rated Event: 86.667%

MrMagico wrote:

I am coming back next year. Lovely route, not to hard, well signposted.

Rated Event: 87.778%

ChristopherWhittingslow wrote:

Well-organized event and a very enjoyable day

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