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8 out of 10
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Chiltern 100 Sportive 2016

15/05/2016 - Bovingdon Airfield - Sportive

Rating: 67.2% based on 2 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 89.1% based on 24 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 80.000%

HamzaPoo wrote:

It was my first time & I absolutely loved it. Everyone was so friendly, supportive & encouraging. Will definitely do it again & my daughter now wants to join me!

Rated Event: 54.444%

AndrewSage wrote:

This was by far and away the most disappointing sportive experience I've had (especially relative to the cost). Being local to the area it was apparent that one of the main ascents/descents wouldn't be viable due to a road closure. Several of us emailed Human Race asking if they knew & what provisions they were making for this (as there was nothing on the website). None of use ever received a response. In the days before the event the maps on the website were changed amending the route, including several other changes but no where was it ever made public by Human Race that they had significantly changed the route and removed several of the major climbs. By and large the changes made good sense from a safety perspective but it was the complete lack of public acknowledgement that these significant changes were being made that was frustrating. If you're billing something for the number of climbs it involves then when you start cutting big chunks of that you ought to be open about it.

Feed Stations - We were riding with friends for whom this was a serious challenge. Their first and by far longest sportive, consequently were towards the end of the line in the second half of the ride - to arrive at the second feed station and find next to nothing left was ridiculous. The general selection at all the feed stations was VERY poor - just sweets and crisps (i.e. rubbish), no cake/sandwiches (i.e. the proper kind of food you need on long rides) - very unprofessional. The experience at the second feed station was such a shower that we relied on family coming out and meeting us on the route with the food we've come to expect from properly run sportives elsewhere. We didn't bother with the third feed station.

Timing - OK there was a finish and start timing but on much lauded event like this i'd expect intermediate timing and/or a timed climb or two. Just a bit lazy really on the organisers part.

Won't bother going near a Human Race event again. If you want a good experience at a sportive target the ones that are still run by clubs rather than commercial interests. Verulam CC would be well advised to find another partner to make this the great event it should be!

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 68.889%


An extra 1/2 hour should have been added to compensate for the parking mess that happened in 2015, this didn't happen in 2014.... I say again, what's changed??

Rated Event: 84.444%

KevinLangford wrote:

Good event - the fourth year I have done it. Great and challenging route, boiled potatoes a good innovation at food stops. Feels a bit more commercial/ less friendly than when the club ran it a few years ago though nothing in particular to complain about

Rated Event: 81.111%

SteveRevell wrote:

Big Test of cycling ability,fitness and endurance

Rated Event: 94.444%

marcusdh wrote:

A very well organised event and I look forward to doing it again in 2015.

Rated Event: 87.778%

simsav wrote:

A really enjoyable sportive in a beautiful area. If you have done some serious training you'll cope with and relish the incessant climbs. If not, it could be a bit soul destroying so don't take this one lightly.

Rated Event: 91.111%


I first rode the Chilten 100 in 2007, and every year since. Mixed views really. That year only 200 rode, and this year it was 2500 - such is the growth of cycling in the UK! Thankfully the route is as classic as ever, and the organisers have progressively changed start locations, feed stops etc to accommodate the growth. The one thing to work on for next year is BIGGER tables at food stops. Never seen such queues for bananas, which will have added time to those caught up at peak time. Well done Human Race (organisers), but tweak it for 2015 to get 100%.

Rated Event: 98.889%

jeanmicheljacquinot wrote:

Great challenging and scenic route, very slick organisation, right number of riders, and possibly the best feed stops in the business! will definitely be back next year.

Rated Event: 75.556%


Great event, great weather, shame about the pot hole infested roads

Rated Event: 88.889%

AmeliaRussell wrote:

Beautiful route and a challenging ride - we were lucky with the weather too which was a bonus. Feedstops well stocked. All the staff were friendly and helpful. What let it down for me was the poor signage - unlike a lot of events where there are frequent signs to reassure you that you're on track, this event had few signs so if you accidentally went off course (which I did), you didn't realise for ages. The arrows for turns were small, and difficult to read from a distance (annoying at crossroads/roundabouts), and the "go straight on" signs were more often than not a sign with an arrow pointing to the right...confusing.

Too few toilets for the boys at HQ too, and a shame there was no HQ parking.

I actually really enjoyed the ride despite the signing issues, but with a twisty course taking lots of turns to go up and over so many hills, I think some better, clearer signs would be beneficial, and more of them please.

Rated Event: 95.556%

JohnRichardson wrote:

Brilliant event.

Rated Event: 96.570%


Rated Event: 92.130%


A real challenge. Superbly organised, easy sign on, great food stop and cracking HQ. The business.

Rated Event: 88.800%


Rated Event: 68.820%


All great but the feed stops ran out of food which was annoying / frustrating / unbelieveable...! Granted we weren't the fastest, having said that having to stop at garages to buy a coffee and some flapjack certainly didn't help.

Rated Event: 93.240%


top event. Rode it in 2009 and this years was as good if not better. Superb signage and very friendly staff. Very well stocked feed stop with pretty much every brand of bar, gel etc etc. Excellent

Rated Event: 97.680%


Rated Event: 74.370%


Lovely event. Great route - tough but doable. Didn't get lost so signage must be good. Feed stops ok but a little low in quantity and choice. I believe the organisers have vowed to address that. All in all, a great day out.

Rated Event: 91.020%

AJC wrote:

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