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Cheddar Cyclosportive

15/09/2013 - Cheddar, Somerset - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 87.2% based on 14 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 96.667%

Rob Heathcote wrote:

This was a great event and well organised. I will be back next year

Rated Event: 85.556%

DanThorogood wrote:

An enjoyable event with good feed stations and event village facilities. Shame the hills aren't more spread out rather than saving them all for the last 35miles (unless you do the short course, in which case you don't get any of them)

Rated Event: 91.111%

Chunkymamil wrote:

Great event, route changes worked well. Got a bit confusing with all the Somerset art week arrows of the same colour but managed to stay on course. Feed stations well stocked and it was nice to have somewhere to get changed at the finish. Free drink and pasta was a nice touch.

Rated Event: 84.444%

Andy247 wrote:

One to be endured rather than enjoyed due to absolutely foul weather- people seemed closed into their own battle with the elements, didnt see the same level of friendliness and banter as last year. Having said that I wasn't feeling overly social and was happy to bash away on a solo ride.
Overall a decent course but desperately needs a minor route change to avoid the very busy roads around Highbridge - there is a much quieter route you could take that would still get you to the Brent Knoll.

Rated Event: 94.350%


Rated Event: 88.800%


Thoroughly enjoyed th event - friendly crowd of riders, generally a good course, enough hills to be interesting but not OTT - glad I wasn't doing the 100 miler though. Only negative was that the yellow signs were similar to those being used for another event - caused some last minute direction changes

Rated Event: 93.240%

rockinghumdinger wrote:

Rated Event: 84.360%

TPA wrote:

Rated Event: 87.690%

Andy247 wrote:

Good ride out - friendly bunch of riders,fast and enjoyable course - plenty of interest and no crazy hills - glad I didnt do the 100 miler though! Only negative was that the signage looked very similar to another event that was on - led to some late changes of direction. On my doorstep and well worth doing.

Rated Event: 86.580%

nantes23 wrote:

This was my 2nd Cheddar ride.Slightly altered route this year.Better for it (less manic A roads)
Very scenic.Testing enough but with some good flat sections mixed in.
Have to agree about the signage though being similar to a triathlon around Langport,it confused some in my group.Perhaps larger signs? or fluorescent orange instead? This only a minor point though.Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back to do battle again next year. p.s. - keep the entry to around 500 max(like the Whitehorse in April) makes for a better event.

Rated Event: 83.250%


Great event with an unusual flat course for the first 100 k followed by challenging hills for pain if you choose it! Lots of scope for fast speeds and group riding. A few tweaks to the added extras could see this event become really popular.Needs a better web site!

Rated Event: 84.360%


the course was nice although the bit going towards Highbridge got a bit boring- the rest was lovely, the feeds had a nice choice of cakes etc and the girls there were very friendly

Rated Event: 82.140%


Rated Event: 77.700%

JenniferT wrote:

Good things: Fab weather, nice scenery, good marshals at the start, good food stops. Timing was easy, certificates were produced really quickly, and the results were up online the same night - pretty impressive.

Bad things: Long queue to sign on (I signed up the night before - thank goodness). So long in fact that it delayed the start. First half of the route was on fairly major roads with traffic and there maybe weren't enough signs - I was glad I'm local and knew the route. Oh, and the website wasn't the easiest to use - unless you wanted to sign up and pay, that bit it did just fine.

I'd do it again, but that's cos I only live down the road. Might do the long route another year though...

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