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6 out of 10
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The Tiffin Wheeler

15/09/2013 - Kingston Upon Thames - Sportive

Rating: 71.9% based on 4 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 87.8%

CharHaskell wrote:

Great event signage, well organised and friendly, signage needs to be improved but good start for a 1st event.

Rated Event: 74.4%

PaulMartin wrote:

This was a challenging and interesting route on good roads, though starting in Kingston meant a fair few miles of relatively unchallenging riding in built up areas at the beginning and end. Traffic was quite heavy at the end, even though I started early. Feed stations seemed adequate, though I only stopped at one, and just had a banana and some water. Everybody was very friendly and supportive.

There were three or four missing signs on the long route where I was saved by my Garmin. (If I hadn't had the Garmin, I would have used the map, though.) Many junctions had signs for other events too. I wondered whether 2 Boats signs may have been removed by other events' organisers to make their own routes clear. The answer is to make the 2 Boats signs much more distinctive so there's no ambiguity. Early warning signs before junctions would also help. I can't say anything about timing accuracy yet, as the results aren't up.

Rated Event: 58.9%

KateGannon wrote:

The signage was very poor. In many cases it wasn't there at all - even when you had eventually managed to get on the right route. This is not a whole lot of fun on a cold, wet afternoon on a 90 mile ride, having done some significant extra hills that we didn't need to do. Eveyone we met was also very lost. When we did see signs it was often different to the Garmin. Without the Garmin we would still be lost in the Surrey Hills but really you shouldn't need a Garmin for a sportive as that makes it more exclusive. Oh and more feeding stations needed for the longer rides.

Rated Event: 66.7%

Dean wrote:

Only 1 feedstation for 60 miles (98km) - would usually have 2 for this distance.

Signage let the ride down. Was missing in places and often signed too late (eg - turn right signed on left hand side of the road as you were a out to pass the junction. Luckily I had a Garmin, although the route often didn't follow the GPS file that was uploaded on the site.

Marshals were very friendly and helpful. If the signage could be sorted and additional feedstations were introduced, then I would recommend.

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