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7 out of 10
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The Discover Rutland CiCLE Tour

16/04/2011 - Oakham, Leicestershire - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 76.7% based on 9 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 87.7%

mole2525 wrote:

For my son and I this was our first ever sportive and we had a challenging but extremely enjoyable ride through beautiful countryside. There were some problems with long queues for signing in if your surname was towards the end of the alphabet and with signage at the beginning and end of the course. However, this did not detract from the fantastic experience we had. This was a great introduction for us. We are now hooked and can't wait for our next sportive. We will definitely be coming back next year.

Rated Event: 78.8%

nxc wrote:

Rated Event: 85.5%


Well organised event with a great start / finish HQ. Onlt downside was the signage - trick to spot the signs leading out of Oakham and some were missing on the way in. Probably affected overall time by 3-5 mins. IMHO signs should not be red arrows on a white background as this blends in too much with roadsigns, particularly in urban areas. Make them bright yellow / pink / orange or green and bigger, and maybe a few more of them. This ony slightly detracted from an otherwise excellent event and a really interesting cand varied course.

Rated Event: 89.9%


great route - almost traffic free. Good friendly organisation.

Rated Event: 81.0%

ajbrough wrote:

Really well organised event over quiet and scenic roads. The constant climbing made for a real challenge, we will be back again next year.

Rated Event: 73.3%


Great route on virtually traffic free roads. Shame about the Waltham feed station running out of food/drink for the later starters. Overall a great day and would recommend.

Rated Event: 66.6%

grumble wrote:

testing route with some good climbs, enjoyed the challenge. missed some signage, went off route, suggest arrow bakground is a different colour than white, they blend with road signage.
yes i would do it again-thanks.

only my second sportive but i am still trying to decide whether these rides are expensive at £20 for what they are? £20 for a gel and a snack bar.......................... will see at the next one

Rated Event: 89.9%


Some very testing hills that really put your fitness and stamina to the test. Beautiful quiet country roads. Excellent weather, all in all a very good sportive and look forward to doing it again

Rated Event: 37.7%


Very poorly signed indeed - one direction arow in particular had been poorly placed and sent many, many riders a considerable distance off course. The course had been changed at the last minute (because the original was too long, it seems). The organiser didn't bother replying to my email about these issues. Expensive for the facilities / support provided - I certainly won't be bothering with this one again, although the roads used are great. (But then, they're similar to those used for an audax I recently rode in the same area, the entry to which cost £2 and which provided little less for my money! In fact, it had accurate, followable route instructions...)

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