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Woodcote Sportive

18/08/2013 - Woodcote, Oxfordshire - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 85.5% based on 9 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 87.778%

swedishmike wrote:

Very friendly people running this, quick to respond to queries before the event as well as very easy going at the start and finish.

The route took in some lovely views and nasty climbs so all in all it was a great event.

Rated Event: 90.000%

tyhsia wrote:

Fantastic route with some challenging climbs, even some unnamed ones that came near the end of the ride. I had a tyre blowout and it took no time before the support car was there to help. Saved me much valuable time and anguish. Later my chain fell off, and miraculously, the support was there again! One suggestion is to place the first feed station slightly later, as the second station felt a bit too far from the first. Would definitely do it again.

Rated Event: 73.260%


Rated Event: 88.800%


Excellent- route, hq, signage, feed stations and all for £17 - value for money too.

Rated Event: 89.910%

BLIXA wrote:

Rated Event: 91.020%

Mark Harding wrote:

Very good day out. The event was so popular there was a short queue signing on. The start and instructions were very well organised. Signage was near perfect. One sign had blow down in the wind but with the ribbon, it was easy to know which way to go. Feedstop 1 was just right. Feedstop 2 could have been 10K shorter. Would have avoided short distance on dual carriage way to Bix. Other than that a great day out, well attended, lots of smiling faces. Heard backup was really good for those who punctured and a guy who's tyre blew out. Southern Sportive do a great job it seems throughout the season. Chapeau!

Rated Event: 83.250%

PhilOx wrote:

Rated Event: 82.140%


Rated Event: 83.250%


Great event - the facilities weren't that great and would have been a real struggle in the wet - basically a few gazebos in a field - but the route was a good one, signage good and a good atmosphere on the day.
There were 3 routes which worked well as my wife went for the mid one as it was her first sportive and enjoyed it. The organisers did position the feedstops so they were on 3 routes which ment the second one was too late on the long route on a very hot day.

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