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7 out of 10
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Black Rat 3 Bridges Ride

18/05/2014 - Bristol, Somerset - Sportive

Rating: 91.5% based on 17 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 85.3% based on 109 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 50.000%

MattEccles wrote:

This ride is on a fantastic route with a good start / finish location. I'd love to recommend it but the organisation is poor.
1. Poor signage at start for sign on, toilets etc
2. Numerous differencesa between GPS route and signed route
3. Feed stations at bottom of climbs
4. Incorrect times given via chip (half hour difference between my total Garmin time and chip time)
5. Unable to get water at first stop as container had been over filled so tap didn't work

The worst thing is that these points have been made in reviews from previous years. Clearly nobody's listening.

Rated Event: 86.667%

JamesBell1 wrote:

Overall very good! Some minor improvements to the above points. See you next year!

Rated Event: 91.111%

PaulGodden wrote:

Excellent cycling event, well organised and fantastic route. Friendly atmosphere, before during and after the event.

Rated Event: 80.000%

NigelBoobier wrote:

Excellent event. Many thanks.

Rated Event: 85.556%

StevenLewis wrote:

Congratulations on organising a great event. I can echo your comments on the missing signage, I met up with a rode with a rider with local knowledge who made a left turn at a missing sign, without his guidance it would have been a very long 100km! Pink ribbons were a good idea but I saw very few on the course. While I understand you have no control over the weather the sunshine we had on the day was an added bonus. See you next year!

Rated Event: 92.222%

JakeGay wrote:

Very enjoyable, great route and scenery, good feed stations- hope to do it again!

Rated Event: 96.667%

GrahamNix wrote:

Enjoyed the ride. Some learning points re the second feed stop

Rated Event: 92.222%

ChristianBarrs wrote:

Great event, some nice hard climbs for sure! Great weather definitely helped. Would definitely recommend, see you next year!

Rated Event: 96.667%

HollieUdellFagg wrote:

Bloody brilliant day- thanks to all the team xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rated Event: 44.444%

JonathanMcGee wrote:

Unfortunately I won't be recommending this ride to friends and won't be riding it again.

Rated Event: 97.778%

AmandaGodden wrote:

An excellent and really enjoyable event! Well done to everyone involved, much more enjoyable than some the massive sportives now being put on.

Rated Event: 92.222%

AnnaWedgwood wrote:

Just one direction marker missing...but we had the route on a GPS so this was not a problem. Enjoyed the route and the friendliness. Feed station was good.
Post race I would like to know whether my timing would have been graded...bronze, silver, gold etc for my age group. One of the reasons for doing a sportive is to push myself to get a good age specific time. The stuweb results does not break down results into age / gender etc. this could be improved. If the police do not allow you to grade timings pre event....could this be done post event?
I did not use or see the support this rating is not really applicable.

Thoroughly enjoyed all your pre-event emails, this was excellent. I would have loved to join you for one of the rides, but missed out due to work. Responses from organisers were always prompt and friendly. Thank you.

Anna Wedgwood

Rated Event: 98.889%

LeePurvis wrote:

Fantastic event, well run. PERFECT would have been 10 out of 10 but someone stole the water from a water stop.

Rated Event: 85.556%


Did the 60 miler this year and the route is spot on with all the best bits in the area.

Feedstation at bottom off hills still doesn't sit well on the belly. I missed the water stop at Mendip Golf Club - was it there?

My second year running at this event and some local has moved/ removed the signs at Back Lane and New Cut Brow just before Clevedon. Some Marshalling needed next year?

Pasty and Cider at the end went down very well indeed :)

Rated Event: 87.778%


Third Time Riden.Very good organisation,Freindly helpers,good feed stops,very good finish with Pasty and Tankard,very good value.
This is a good Friendly small event unlike some of the others,some organisers think that more entants make for a better event,it does't it just makes for a bigger till Reciept.
Very good route,tuff but substantial amounts of valley roads where the pace can be upped and time clawed back.
Overall a Very Good Event

Rated Event: 96.667%

DerekTate wrote:

My first Sportive. I found it well organised, friendly and very enjoyable .

Rated Event: 97.778%

BradleyOwens wrote:

I had a great day, it was my first 100mile event and even though i was hurting, the enthusiasm of the organisation made it more bearable. It's damn hard work putting on these events, and as the saying goes ''you can't please all of the people all of the time''. Many thanks to Jer and team for putting on a well organised and enjoyable event. My only slight negative was regarding the course signage, sometimes the arrows were not displayed early enough at junctions, road splits etc. I overshot a few times, but thats only a very minor thing. Once again, thanks for a cracking day.
P.S. The nuts and cheesey snacks at Ebbor Gorge feedstation went down a treat....More please!

Rated Event: 74.444%


I ride to the Mendips most weekend and this a great route taking in the best bits but there are less treacherous/ more enjoyable descents than Wrington Hill and Blagdon.

Benchmarking it against other sportives it needs:
Better signon - 20 minute queue for me
Prefer feedstations at top of hills.
More feedstation choice other than cakes and bananas.
First feed too soon with a 53 mile gap in the middle.
A number of T junctions had no signage or unclear signs.
Didn't see any outriders on support.
More promotion saw few riders on road other than at feedsations.
Free food at end - others do it and it is usually appreciated.

Rated Event: 72.222%

SimonFoster wrote:

Really enjoyable sportive at the easier end of the spectrum which was great. A bit of improvement on signage might be good but other than that I would do it again

Rated Event: 73.333%

RodCoomber wrote:

A thoroughly enjoyable events with, perhaps, slightly too many hills for an oldish rider. It was difficult to rate the course because I live in the area and have ridden all the roads used many times!

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