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Exmoor Beast

19/10/2014 - Tiverton and Exmoor - Sportive

Rating: 90.3% based on 4 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 91.1% based on 3 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 94.444%


Well run again and the weather was great, only windy. Couple of treacherous bits on the descent towards Dunster but we were warned. Prompt results too and a nice tankard again. massage was good also.
As for previous post you need to check the history of its sister event the Beauty to realise why they do not grade things I think, precisely because people treat them as a race/too gung ho possibly. Yes it would be nice but once bitten twice shy so to speak so it is better not to do it. Also to split things as you wish from the event timings systems will cost more on your entry fee. If you don't wish to ride the event again it is sad as this is a stunning part of the world and when the price of sportives are increasing with no real justification, this event keeps its price down and is well worth the entry fee.
Thanks to all organisers, feed station guys and the medics. See you next year hopefully :-)

Rated Event: 90.000%

JohnPerry wrote:

My son and I rode the 100k route having come down from Guildford area in Surrey 165 miles to ride this Sportive.
Great event and organisation. Friendly atmosphere and enjoyed it immensely.Even managed to ride the dreaded Dunkery Beacon,my son in his top ring as he forgot to change down!! thanks to sticky malt loaf at feed station before climb!!
Full of admiration for the 100 milers. Well Done to all finishers.
Ok time but we more interested in taking photos and helping others who had low speed tumbles on Dunkery climb.
We would ride it again if the same weather could be guaranteed!!

Rated Event: 77.778%

johnmoore wrote:

Very disappointed that the event didn't bother to give any grading for the ride times. They didn't bother to give the age of riders. And they certainly didn't put the riders' times in an order. Perhaps they are paranoid about people trying to get a good time and hurting themselves or its for insurance reasons. But all riders want to get a good time, they will always be competing against themselves and the clock. So yes, it's not a race and the Highway Code must be adhered to but I want to know how well I've done compared to others in my age group. Other sportives, rightly in my view, give this information. Most of the improvement in times is done going up the hills so an extra mph or two is not going to risk life and limb. I won't be doing this one again, it's not worth travelling down for. I may come and do the route with friends on holiday - but not in the sportive. Also I'd like to know exactly how far the route is and how many feet are climbed. I've mapped it but there is conflicting info given on links from the website and nothing official.

Rated Event: 98.889%

AndyCadman wrote:

Pleasure and pain

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 87.778%

jamie wrote:

long hard and utterly fun, even tho id rather have kept on to saunton for a surf.

Rated Event: 90.000%

GreshnaDibble wrote:

Great challenging ride with lots of support and well marked. Lovely views and varied sections from open moors to villages and woods.

Rated Event: 95.556%


This is a tough one but its not The Beast for nothing. Climbing is relentless for 40 to 45 miles bar a 2 mile descent to the feed stationat Dunster, though this is trickery. You are rewarded with a great 20 mile spin to the finish but only if you have the energy left. Dunkery Beacon respect I see why its 10/10 in the 100 greatest cycling climbs.
The route is tough and coupled with the autumn weather made the event one to remember. This event is well run and a really nice tankard to finish that you can fill up at the finish with 6.6% proof ale, lovely.
I think owing to the toughness a second feed/water station perhaps could have been placed on the 100kms route too. The problem is where though, this is my only gripe. However the feed station at Dunster was brilliant. Warm soup was just what was required.
I can also recommend the massage at the end with money raised going to the Red Cross. Great atmosphere at the end too.
I want to do it again but you need a lot of energy and determination. Hats off to all 100milers who finished, you should be rightly proud to complete that one!

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