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6 out of 10
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Trent Valley 100 2014

19/10/2014 - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire - Sportive

Rating: 91.2% based on 18 reviews - Rate this Event Now

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 90.0%

MattBrown wrote:

A well planned, well organised event - the route was testing enough, even without the extreme wind! A fantastic day's riding to explore the beauty of Lincolnshire, which is far from flat! Good location for HQ, providing ample parking / facilities. Food stops were well spaced, although I'd agree with a little more variety on nibbles - I was craving 'savoury' by Binbrook!! All-in-all, I'll definitely be riding this one again

Rated Event: 93.3%

michaelhattersley wrote:

Plenty of hard stand parking and well organised at the HQ. The route was well signed throughout. The course was excellent for people new to sportives, but also challenging enough for the more experienced. Only one minor thing, apart from the headwind for the last 25 mile, was the feed stops. A bit more variety other than cake, like bananas, malt loaf or cheese sandwiches would have been nice. Overhaul it was a great days riding, well organised and I definitely would recommend it to others. (perhaps next year in reverse?)

Rated Event: 94.4%

thenuttyboy wrote:

Superb course. Was well posted. Good variety of roads/hills. Definitely do it again. Staff were great.

Rated Event: 88.9%

IrisFurstBailey wrote:

the start finish area was outstanding and having a bacon roll was a real delight at the end of the ride
I brought my own food but was a little concerned to see that the food had run out at the second stop
absolutely marvelous race marshals especially as they shielded us from the wind :-)
great atmosphere start to finish - will most certainly become an annual event ...will personally try to get some of my ladies trained up for the longer distance
loved the route it would have been an absolute blast had it not been for the wind

Rated Event: 95.6%

GarethMorris wrote:

Great event. Thank you. Start and finish area was great. No queuing to sign in, plenty of space whilst waiting to start. Availability of the mobile cafe was a great touch! Marshals did a great job too.
A couple of very small issues would have made the organisation perfect.
Great route with a mix of terrain, thought I would hate the last hill after 100 miles but strangely enjoyed it!
Thanks again. Recommended.

Rated Event: 98.9%

AndrewPorte wrote:

Well organised and well run event, all the team involved need a big pat on the back for organising this great sportive.
Great route with some wicked hills that are very deceptive. Who says Lincolnshire is flat!!!
Oh and don't forget the wind!! It was brutal especially the last 30 mile.
Coming back next year for sure..

Rated Event: 95.6%

SteveTait wrote:

Excellent run event would highly recommend the 100 Miler for those that want a challenge. Whoever said that Lincolnshire is flat! I thought that the signage was excellent, not sure why others had a problem. Suggestion: a variance on just cake at the refreshment points would be appreciated Bananas maybe? but overall will be booking again next year and look forward to your other events.

Rated Event: 94.4%

IanMorwood wrote:

Value for money and well organised !

Rated Event: 85.6%

stevewalker wrote:

Great, friendly event. Only one suggestion which is have more than one water container at feeds to reduce queuing.

Rated Event: 90.0%

SeanPage wrote:

Liked the course although the strong winds slightly hazardous when riding on the upper part of the course when leaving Lincoln. One of the signs in Lincoln slightly misleading as we turned into oncoming traffic waiting at traffic lights. Overall enjoyed it enough to pencil in the diary and recommend to friends next year! Many Thanks

Rated Event: 93.3%

FionaFisk wrote:

Overall an excellent local event and I would recommend it to others. I almost missed a couple of signs but that could have been cpbecause I was battling the wind and not fully concentrating rather than poor signage.

Rated Event: 96.7%

JohnC1 wrote:

Excellent, well managed event. The signs were perfect, very easy to follow although I do understand that a small group of riders missed a turn, I think there was only 9 or 10 riders in that group but we found all signage to be perfect.
Overal a great event, will be back next year for more but less wind please!

Rated Event: 43.3%

MarkPywell wrote:

Overall the event was fine if you managed to stay on track and reasonably well organised at the start and fininsh but I standby my comments above which are simple issues to resolve. For idea's checkout some of the cycling weekly events especially for signage.

Rated Event: 91.1%

tracey w wrote:

Great day, can we have it less windy next time!!

Rated Event: 92.2%

RobWoods wrote:

The wind made it a challenge (especially the last 20 miles, I felt as though I was going to be blown back up the hill at one point) but what's the point it coming out for the day if it's easy? Very well organised and Matt could not have been more helpful before the event. Will definitely so again

Rated Event: 98.9%


Great event. Start area was spacious with lots of parking toilets and refreshments. Registration slick and well staffed. Lots of marshals at key points and plenty of signs. Very enjoyable route and would deffo do again and recommend.

Rated Event: 100.0%

Mark Turner wrote:

Brilliant sportive. The 100me was a great route, organisation appeared very slick and the fuel stops were located ideally in terms of distance.Wind made the last 30 miles hard work but that is betond the control of the organisers. Already looking forward to next years 😃

Rated Event: 100.0%

Becky wrote:

This was our first ever time doing a sportive, and what a great introduction. Excellent organisation and signage, fantastic route (we opted for the 100km route) and brilliant fun. Could of done without the 25mph headwind for the last 10 miles, but hey it could have been worse; at least it wasn't raining! :)

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