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4 out of 10
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Wiggle No Excuses Sportive

20/02/2016 - Huntingdon - Sportive

Rating: 92.2% based on 1 review - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 91.6% based on 31 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 92.222%

OllieRees wrote:

Great event, whilst the weather was mainly dry, the wind was pretty wild on the back stretches!. Easy registration, good food stops, friendly riders, nice fast final 10 miles, would definitely ride the route again. Only complaints would be the gravel / mud on some of the B roads, however given the rain this is to be expected, and the tiny signage showing the Epic / Standard course split. However, I achieved the gold time so in my mind that's a success :-)

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 96.667%

helenaBowman wrote:

Great ride ad would like to do it again in the summer

Rated Event: 90.000%

jaytee wrote:

Excellrnt event

Rated Event: 87.778%

RichardNeil wrote:

The directional signs are faded & need replacing
The course 'split' standard/epic needs to be more clearly signed.

Rated Event: 85.556%

stevebrown wrote:

Very good varied epic route with lots of challenges as some of the roads very pot hole riddled (caused me a puncture new tube and tyre)

Rated Event: 100.000%


A good day on the road, thanks to all the Wiggle staff, see you at the next one!

Rated Event: 92.222%

oo03sjw wrote:

Slick organisation to get 1500 riders off and on their way, 2nd year for me.

A good year opener and for a good cause. I'll be back next year.

Rated Event: 100.000%

Danny Bicknell wrote:

Really Great Event, Weather could of been kinder but we are in England, this was my first sportive and I really enjoyed the day! Thanks Wiggle

Rated Event: 81.111%

Edje wrote:

Good event and the refund if you ride is a nice incentive for an early season ride

Rated Event: 100.000%


V well organised and FREE. Enough said

Rated Event: 100.000%

mbailey wrote:

An excellent event, organisation was perfect, no issues with anything. The weather wasn't great, but I can't blame UKCE for that. :-)

Rated Event: 90.000%

MichaelHarper wrote:

The usual high standard from UK cycling Events and must be the best value sportive of the year. Also not too hilly for an old one.

Rated Event: 91.111%

AlisonHopper wrote:

Love these bike events put on by UK Cycling Events (especially mtb out in the sticks) - its all done for you and you really do just have to get out and ride!

Rated Event: 93.333%

SimonGreen wrote:

Excellent organisation as I have come to expect from these events, toilets filthy and not pleasant at all, and signage at first feed stop a little misleading. On the plus side, excellent route with a couple of unexpected steep bits thrown in resulted in a fantastic ride. Great season opener, would definately reccomend

Rated Event: 84.444%

EdwardValletta wrote:

Great event - will do more

Rated Event: 98.889%

TarmacTerry wrote:

Great event as always well run, needs more toilets!

Rated Event: 76.667%

StuartKirk wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, I do very little road cycling so 80miles on road tends to get a little boring, but was happy until the very later stages of the race (which may be down to cycling grafham and area as a kid so it was all familiar) Signage was fantastic, only a fool could get lost, and I was amazed that so much gradient could be found in East Anglia. All in all a great and well run event and would look forward to doing it again.

Rated Event: 92.222%

SteveAnderson wrote:

A very well organised event, lovely route that was well signposted. Most definitely the best sportive we have taken part in. Lovely cakes at the end of the ride and a goody bag as well.

Rated Event: 84.444%

RichardNeil wrote:

Overall a very well organised event. Could have been improved by better signage at the first feed stop - it was not clear that you took a left if you wanted to stop, straight on if not!

Rated Event: 96.667%


Wiggle and UK Cycling Events consistently offer top organization, signage, refreshments, and routes. For a season opener this was perfect.

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